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Bridging Day

Bridging Day Schedule 
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2:30-3:00 Auditorium
“Who’s Who in Special Ed” Meeting for Parents (childcare provided)

  • This is a meeting for parents of children with special needs with the Special Education Teachers and Assistants, Coordinator and Principal. We will introduce the Special Education Staff and review the Special Meet the Teacher schedule.

3:00-3:30 Classrooms
“Special Meet the Teacher Time” Meeting for Parents and Kids

  • Parents of students with special needs are invited to visit their child’s new classroom and talk with their new teacher.  This is an opportunity for the students to see their new room, where their new desk and locker will be and spend approximately 15 minutes of one-on-one time with their soon-to-be teacher.  The Special Education Teacher will be in their room, so students can visit that classroom, too.  Parents may use this time to schedule a conference with the new General Ed teacher so that they may talk without the student present.
  • It can feel like a short amount of time to cover a lot of information about your child.  It may help to write and bring a brief summary introducing your child, likes, dislikes, tips and tricks to share with your child's teachers.  

What can parents do to help ensure a smooth transition for their child?

  • Communicate with your child’s Monitoring Teacher and General Education Teacher about things that are positive and motivating.
  • Communicate with your child’s Monitoring Teacher and General Education Teacher about what your child finds challenging (types of situations, assignments or interactions).
  • Contact your child’s service providers with questions (Speech Pathologist, Occupational Therapist, etc.).
  • If concerns arise about classwork, homework, behavior, etc., don’t hesitate to contact your child’s Monitoring Teacher.
  • Sometimes conveying all of this information before the first day of school can be difficult with tight schedules. Try writing a summary and emailing or handing it to your child’s new teacher.
  • Support your child by providing a consistent routine for meals, sleep, and homework.


What is Bridging? 
Moving from Grade to Grade and Campus to Campus
Adjusting to new classrooms, teachers and campuses is an important process for children with special needs. To help ensure a smooth transition for those students in HPISD, the following Bridging processes take place each spring and fall.

Who participates?
Not every Bridging activity listed is appropriate or necessary for every student. Some teachers, families or students participate in only some of the listed activities.
The possibility of change…
Please remember that new students may enroll in the district, transfer into or out of our school, or be placed in special education at any time. This may cause a change in Special Education Teacher, General Education Teacher or other arrangements. While we cannot always anticipate these changes, we will make every effort to provide the environment that is best suited for your child and their success!
The Process:

Class Lists (May-June)
Dr. Moran creates classes for the following year with the help of teacher, counselor, and campus coordinator input. 

Receiving Campus Staff Observe Student (May):
Sometimes, it can be helpful for the receiving staff to observe the child in their “sending” environment.  For example, the Armstrong Structure Teacher may visit PPCD to observe an incoming kindergartner or the MIS Coordinator may visit the Armstrong Fundamentals (formerly LIFT) class to observe incoming 5th grader.

Bridging Day For Teachers (August):
General Education Teachers will review their Special Ed student’s information with their teammates.  Then each team meets individually with the Structure Teacher, Fundamentals (formerly LIFT) Teacher, Resource Teacher and Speech Pathologist.  They review the SpEd information about each student.  The General Education Teacher can discuss any questions or concerns they may have about the student with Monitoring Teacher.

Examples of the information that is shared with the “receiving” General Education Teachers on Bridging Day:

  • Strategies that worked for the “sending” general ed teacher
  • All About Me (Fundamentals and Structure students)
  • ARD documents including a schedule of services, goals, accommodations, etc.
  • Informal assessments/results
  • Examples of work

Preparing the class for a peer from Fundamentals (formerly LIFT) or Structure (August):
During the first week of school, the Fundamentals (formerly LIFT) or Structure Teacher and Classroom teacher will talk to the class about students with special needs.  Often this is through reading a children’s book.  The kids can learn ways to be a good friend as well as answer questions they may have.