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Bridging Day

Bridging Day is a time for campus staff to learn about students entering their classrooms each fall!  Information about students is shared between teachers in an effort to make introductions prior to the first day of school.  Bridging Day is designed to introduce students moving from grade to grade and/or campus to campus to new teachers.  Adjusting to new classrooms, teachers and campuses is an important process for children with unique learning needs.  To help ensure a smooth transition for those students in HPISD, the Bridging process takes place on each campus.
Bridging Day was held on August 17, 2020.  Students who presently receive services through special education were invited to an early meet-and-greet on August 19th.  Students were given an opportunity to meet new teachers and visit the school before campus-wide meet the teacher events occurred.
New students may enroll in the district, transfer into or out of our school, or be placed in special education at any time.  This may cause a change in teacher and/or other arrangements. While we cannot always anticipate these changes, we will take every effort to provide a learning environment that is best suited for your child and their success!
At times, it can be helpful for the receiving teacher/staff to observe a student in their "sending" environment.  For example, the MIS Structure Teacher may visit and observe an incoming 5th grader.  This typically occurs in the spring as teams work to ensure the transition to a new school is smooth.
Bridging Day For Teachers (August):

General Education Teachers will review their information for students who receive specialized services with their teammates.  Then each team meets individually with the Structure Teacher, Resource Teacher and Speech Pathologist.  They review the information about each student in order to become acquainted with services.  Special Education teachers/staff follow up with receiving teachers a few weeks after school begins to review student programming in a follow-up meeting.  The General Education Teacher can discuss any questions or concerns they may have about the student with Monitoring Teacher.

Examples of the information that is shared with the “receiving” General Education Teachers on Bridging Day:
ARD documents including a schedule of services, goals, accommodations, etc.
Strategies that worked well for the "sending" general ed teacher
Informal assessments/results
Examples of work