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Hi everyone and welcome to Ms. Roberts' Kindergarten class webpage!
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In Reading Workshop we have been learning all about how to be WORD DETECTIVES. What do we do when we get to a "tricky" word? We first STOP, not skipping over the word, and think how can we solve this word best. Students are learning to use their Flexible Thinking when taking on these challenging words. This tool is a great visual for them to have in their reading bins to remind them what they can do to solve words. They may use one or more as they read more challenging books! 
It is also important for them to "RE-READ" sentences after solving these words, as to encourage fluency and understanding. Next week our focus will be to "re-read in a smooth and lively voice" to make our reading sound better!!
Happy reading!!
In writing we are leaning how to be like scientists and LOOK CLOSELY at items so that we can add details to our teaching books. We LOOK (observe) the color, shape and size and TALK about this with our partners. We then go off to DRAW and WRITE all these details in our books! 
So proud of these expository writers!
We loved having our firefighters come visit this week! What a great way to learn more about one of our important community helpers. 
This week we met our writing partners! We learned how to take turns sharing our stories, and how to give appropriate compliments that are specific to what we are learning during writer's workshop. We love working together!
This week we visited the garden, checked out a book from the library and had our first parent reader!! It has been a great week!
What a wonderful two weeks it has been in Kindergarten! We are off to a great start getting to know our friends and DIVING into books. 
These two sheets will be coming home in your child's homework folder today. The first one will actually be light blue and it will have your child's writing attached. The second is information about the auction! Please make sure to open your child's folder everyday and talk with your child about their work. Take ALL papers out so that their folders return with just their behavior chart inside.