Classroom Guidance

Mr. Ray will be visiting the teacher classrooms on a monthly basis to visit about such things as: respect, responsibility, caring, trustworthiness, fairness and being a good citizen.  Check back here to find out more details regarding what each grade level has been studying.
Upcoming classroom guidance visits are scheduled as follows:
Kinder: Week of December 16
1st grade: Week of January 7
2nd grade: Week of December 16
3rd grade: Week of January 20
4th grade:  Week of January 13
Topics covered in guidance this year:
K: self-control; seeing the bright side; asking for help; positive attitude/optimism; school behavior/expectations
1st: Kelso's choices; decision-making; individual differences; gratitude
2nd: appropriate language when emotional; tattling versus telling (reporting); respect
3rd: making friends; teamwork; roles we play; admirable qualities in ourselves and others; teasing
4th: optimism; leadership; perceptions/perspective; responsibility; link between awareness and courteous behaviors