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Take Flight & Pre-Flight Home

 Highland Park Independent School District supports the educational philosophy that reading, writing, and spelling skills provide the foundation for academic success.  The HPISD Dyslexia Program provides students who have a diagnosis of dyslexia with the opportunity to participate in the Take Flight program.  Take Flight is a comprehensive intervention program for students with dyslexia and is the most recent treatment developed by the Luke Waites Center for Dyslexia and Learning Differences in Dallas, Texas.


      Instruction in the Take Flight program is administered by a trained dyslexia/reading specialist and is available at each of our HPISD campuses.  The HPISD Dyslexia Program follows all TEA guidelines for assessment, identification, and instruction per TEA guidelines outlined in the TEA Dyslexia Handbook, updated in 2014 (see link below).


      As crucial as systematic researched-based instruction is to your child’s success in reading, it is also vital that parents read daily with students to improve reading skills.  When it comes to improving reading skills, practice makes perfect.  I am excited to partner with you to help foster a lifelong love of reading in your child!