Enter to Learn. Go Forth to Serve.

Armstrong Elementary School

Parent Transition Meetings for the 2018-19 School Year


These are the dates for our parent meetings this spring that will be held on the MIS campus!

Dr. Hitzelberger and Ms. Burress (5th grade counselor) will host these meetings and 

each meeting will cover the same material for this exciting transition.       



4th to 5th Grade Transition Meetings 2018


DATE                     Event/Audience                               Time                      Location


April 26                 Armstrong & Bradfield                   9:30 a.m.              MIS/HPMS 

April 27                 Hyer & University Park                  9:30 a.m.              MIS/HPMS 

April 30                 Students new to HPISD &             9:30 a.m.              MIS/HPMS 

                               Current Elementary parents unable to attend previous meetings  


May 3                    Students new to HPISD &            6:00 p.m.             MIS/HPMS Auditorium

                              Current Elementary parents unable to attend previous meetings    


School Visits to MIS:


May 1                      Armstrong & Bradfield Students visit MIS             9:45 -11:15 a.m.

May 2                    Hyer & University Park Students visit MIS              9:45 -11:15 a.m.