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Student Guidelines

Please note these important Attendance Guidelines:
  • When a student is absent, parents are requested to call the office at 214-780-3100 or email Registrar/Attendance Clerk Jamie Condon and/or your student's teacher as close to 8 a.m. as possible to notify the school of the absence.
  • In addition, the student must bring a written excuse for the absence upon returning to school.  The note should contain the student's full name, date of absences, and reasons for absences.
  • Parents will receive notification from the school attendance clerk when their child has accumulated ten (10) or more absences.  According to the Texas Education Code, a student in kindergarten through grade four shall not be given credit or promoted to the next grade if he or she has been in attendance fewer than 90% of the days in the school year unless an attendance committee designated by the Board grants credit because of extenuating circumstances.
  • Students arriving late to class can be very disruptive to the academic routines of the classroom as well as to the student's own academic participation and success.  Students arriving after 8 a.m. are marked tardy and must come to the main office for an admit slip to class.  Please help support your student's positive school skills and habits by ensuring consistent, daily, on-time attendance.  Excessive tardies may result in a referral to the office and conference with the principal.
  • Students are not to leave school without permission. If students plan to leave school before the regular dismissal time, the parent or guardian MUST check out the child at the office.

How to Subscribe to a Teacher’s Website

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Teachers
  3. Click on the correct grade level
  4. Click on Staff
  5. Click on the correct teacher’s name
  6. Once you are on the teacher’s website click on the +Subscribe button in the right-hand corner
  7. Enter your email address, select parent, then click Subscribe

Once subscribed you will receive emails when the teacher updates his/her website. You may subscribe to multiple teachers. Subscriptions work on all K-8 websites in HPISD.