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December 10th - December 14th 
Reading:    This week we shared the information about the second weather research project.  Your child worked on comparing and contrasting two different types of weather!  We will work on poetry next week!
Look for the holiday reading challenge coming home next week!
Writing:  We will set up the Penny Book Project on Google Docs!  We worked on the historical events, and will continue working on these next week!  Please continue working on the personal events at home!
Math:  We continued fractions this week!  We worked on the adding, simplifying, and comparing fractions.  We will finish fractions next week!
Science:  Information about the science fair was sent home on Monday, 12/10.  Please start working on this project at home!
Social Studies:  We continued learning about Spanish missions of Texas. 
STEAM:  We started another STEAM project this week.  After celebrating Inclusive Schools Week, students are thinking about different disabilities, challenges people with those disabilities face, and how they could create a new product to assist those people and make life easier!
1. Every Friday the yellow communication folder will come home.  Please sign the red calendar at the end of each week.  This is where you will find graded work throughout the year.  Please keep the graded work at home.
Upcoming Events:
TAG Referrals:  11/2-12/21
PAWS General meeting:  12/19 @7:15
Class party:  12/21 @11:15-11:45, Early release @1:00
Winter holiday:  12/24-1/7
Science Fair forms due:  1/14
Penny Book due:  2/12
Science Fair:  2/21


When a student is absent, parents are requested to call the office at 214-780-3100 or email Registrar/Attendance Clerk Jamie Condon condonj@hpisd.org  and/or your student’s teacher as close to 8:00 a.m. as possible to notify the school of the absence.  Feel free to leave a message on the voicemail if you call.  All calls will be logged.


In addition, the student must bring a written excuse for the absence upon returning to school.  The note should contain the student’s full name, date of absences, and reasons for absences.


Parents will receive notification from the school attendance clerk when their child has accumulated ten (10) or more absences.  According to the Texas Education Code, a student in kindergarten through grade four shall not be given credit or promoted to the next grade if he or she has been in attendance fewer than 90% of the days in the school year, unless an attendance committee designated by the Board grants credit because of extenuating circumstances.  The principal has the authority to waive the committee hearing and may grant credit if it is determined that all of the absences were due to extenuating circumstances.  Parents may be asked to provide documentation of personal illness.