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Welcome to 4th grade!
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Hi Parents!
Please don't forget that Monday and Tuesday are STAAR days. Monday your student will take math and Tuesday they will do the reading section. I hope everyone received the letter from Dr. Moran, that I sent earlier in the week. Please make sure your student is well rested, has had a good breakfast, and is on time! Please remember this is one way that we access students. Your students will be amazing and shine on this day, I have no doubt!!! We have many activities going on for the end of the year. Please make sure to check your email for any reminders I send. Next week we will have speakers for career day and we will continue with Biz World in math. I will send an email to those who are participating in Biz World. Thank you for a wonderful Teacher Appreciation week. It is such a joy to teach your students! Have a wonderful sunny weekend!
~Mrs. Pierce
Good Afternoon Parents,
What an amazing day we had here at Armstrong! I hope that your students tell you all about our Walk for Water and Arbor Day activities that occurred today! We were also able to donate to the North Texas Food Bank as well today!
In math, we have finished our financial literacy unit and will begin Biz World next week. Your students are so excited. Please know that the following week, we will prepare for the STAAR test with a review and after testing we will finish Biz World!
In reading, we have finished our folktales unit. Today we presented our Myth dramas to our study buddy class. Your students had so much fun reading and performing! In writing we will continue with our poetry unit! Your student's have complied some wonderful poems so far!
Next Tuesday, May 1st we will walk to MIS for a visit. You should have received some info on it by email. Please know if you have any questions, I will try to answer them.
Hope each of you has a wonderful weekend, enjoy the beautiful spring weather!
~Mrs. Pierce 

Dear Parents, 

We've had another great week of learning! Thanks to our parent volunteers who accompanied us to the Trinity River. It was a great field trip. The students learned so much more about watersheds and protecting our water.

Math: Students took their Topic 13 test this week over problem solving with measurement, time, and money! We began discussing ways to organize data using frequency charts and dot plots.

Reading: All students received their own copy of the book Wonder, thanks to a very gracious family! We are reading it aloud in class to coincide with our Poetry unit. Your students are really thinking deeply as they start to focus on poetry writing.

Writing: Next week will be our STAAR writing! You all should have received the letter that Dr. Moran wrote about the upcoming STAAR on Tuesday. Your students have worked very hard this year and Tuesday will be a day for them to shine and use their knowledge of expository writing.

Thanks for all that you do! Have a wonderful Weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce

Dear Parents,
Hope that you enjoy you long Easter weekend with your students! Please remember that Armstrong Reads is due on Monday, please have your student return their sheet with their money. Thanks for supporting our school! Also please remember that on Thursday, April 5th, your student will attend a field trip to the Trinity in Fort Worth. Lastly, STAAR Writing is on Tuesday, April 10th!
Thanks for all that you do!
~Mrs. Pierce

Week 28

What an amazing and full week.  I hope your children told you about WE Day and what a great time we had.  We also had Spencer West come and motivate us in ways only he could.  
I hope you enjoyed Open House! I hope the students were able to show you what they are passionate about and how they learn. We certainly had an amazing day with our Grandfriends. Ask your child to share their interview questions and answers to learn a bit more about our Grandfriends. 
Field Trip: Our last field trip will be on April 5th. Information will be sent home on Monday. If you think you would like to volunteer to chaperone for this please email me your name. We will be going to the Trinity River in Fort Worth.
Math: We worked on measurement and will continue this next week. 
Reading: We got into nonfiction reading again with a book on Mummies. Today we were able to make the yarn dolls from our historical reading of Esperanza Rising! Your students loved this book!
Writing: Students are working on understanding what a prompt is REALLY asking and how they can unpack the prompt. 
Science: We began discussing different ways things receive energy. We learned an acronym to help us remember Energy sources. We also discussed the property of viscosity in Science Lab!
Have a great weekend!
~Mrs. Pierce
Have a great weekend

Spring Break

Hope each of you had a wonderful Spring Break! Here are some upcoming events to put on the calendar!
Important Dates:
3-19 Armstrong Reads Begins (students will bring home booklets Monday)
3-20 WE DAY Field Trip
3-21 PAWS General Meeting 
3-22 Open House 5-6:30 (Come and go)
3-23 Grandfriend's Day (9-10:30 in our classroom -Come and Go)
3-29 Student Holiday 
3-30 Student Holiday
4-5 Trinity River Field Trip
4-10 STAAR Writing Test 

Week 24

Hello parents,

 Students worked hard and supported our Valenkinds Sales and had a great time at the party. Thanks to all the moms who helped put a fun party together for all the students. They really enjoyed themselves.

This Week in ………

Math: We have started our measurement unit.  This week we focused on the customary units.

Reading: We finished our read aloud Number the Stars. The students have really enjoyed our unit on historical fiction. This week students will finish up their second book club and have a celebration of their reading. We will start Esperanza Rising as our read aloud.  This is a wonderful historical fiction set during the Great Depression and follows the life of a family who is faced with circumstances that lead them to work at Mexican migrant camps in California.

Writing: Students are finishing up their literary essay. Students have really done a great job with this writing. Once I have final copies, students can share their writing with you all.

Science: Thank you for all the hard work and preparation for the Science Fair. They students were able to tour on Friday and hear what their peers did for their projects.

Writing Camp will start on Monday, Feb. 26th.  This is a surprise week of activities. Although they know about the camp, they don't know what it entails.  Please look for information next week.


Thank you,

Mrs. Pierce

Week 22

What another wonderful week of learning.  Students surely have enjoyed reading Project Mulberry and we are so lucky that Linda Sue Park, the author of Project Mulberry, tweeted us back when she saw our creations in the library.  Thank you for making this year's One School, One Book a success. We truly have the most amazing school and parents!
Math: Students finished their fractions unit and we have started geometry.
Reading: We continue to dive deeper into historical fiction.  Students understand that the author relays messages repeatedly to show that trouble is brewing and that characters are behaving the way they do because of the situations they are in.  Students love our read aloud Number the Stars.  Have dinner or car conversations regarding what they are learning about that time period during WWII. Students will begin their second book club next week. 
Writing: Students enhanced their literary essays by including lists, quotes, and mini stories to take their writing to the next level.  We will continue this work for the next couple of weeks. 
Science: Students explored rocks and mineral this week. 
Social Studies: Students finished learning about European Explorers.
1. Penny Book due Monday- We've had enough time in class by now to have all world events completed.  If your child is not done with that, please finish at home.  Remember to have a cover page and their sources page at the end. 
2. Next week is Kindness Week-please the e-blast for more information
Monday: Be kind and let your Heart Grow -Wear hearts or red and give compliments. 
Tuesday: Kindness Makes Your Heart Glow-Wear bright or neon colors and be a good listener
Wednesday: Walk in Someone Else's Shoes-Wear two different shoes and show empathy
Thursday: Everyone Counts-Wear a number jersey or shirt and include others 
Friday: Wear your Green and Gold-Encourage each other with Armstrong spirit 
Thank you for always supporting our students and ensuring that they come prepared and ready to learn each day!  Have a wonderful weekend! 
~Mrs. Pierce

Week 21

Dear Parents,

We've had another great week of learning! 

Upcoming Events

Monday, January 29th Science Project Fair form due

Monday, February 5th Penny Book Project due

Thursday, February 15th The Science Fair

Math: Students worked on understanding proper and improper fractions. They are able to add and subtract fractions with like denominators.  We continue to work on problem-solving when it comes to fractions. We will take our fractions test on Monday. 

Reading: I'm sure you've seen your kiddos deep into their historical fiction novels.  They are learning how author's repeat things, how different characters react differently in the same situation.  We will continue to work with historical fiction for the next few weeks.  Ask students about our class read aloud, Number the Stars-It's certainly a favorite. Students are in book clubs for this unit and they committed to their daily reading and are not to read ahead for their meetings. 

Writing: Students are diving deep into their Literary Essays and making claims according to the book they are reading.  We will continue crafting our essays next week. 

Science: Students participated in a class experiment to get ready for the science fair. In lab they worked on identifying minerals and elements.

Keep in mind that Penny Books are due the Feb. 5th and the science fair is due on Feb. 15th.  We have been working on our World Events in class. Please have them continue to work on their personal events at home as well as typing in their World Events.

Thanks for all that you do! Have a wonderful weekend! 


Mrs. Pierce

Happy New Year and Welcome Back!!!!
We have had a wonderful week here in 218 getting back into the groove!
Upcoming Events

Mon, Jan 8- One School One Book began

Mon, Jan 15- Student and Teacher Holiday

Thu, Jan 18, 3:30pm Armstrong Spelling Bee, 3rd and 4th grade class winners in finals in auditorium.

Wed, Jan 24- 7:15am PAWS Meeting

Monday, Feb 5- Penny Book Project Due 

Wednesday, Feb 15- Science Fair Projects Due (Information in yellow folder)

In Math- Students began the new year with fractions. This week we worked on equivalent fractions and reducing to simplest form.
In Reading- Students wrapped up their non-fiction research projects. Students looked through many resources and articles to be able to research their findings. 
In Writing- Students wrote an on demand expository piece with their prior knowledge of expository. They also worked on their Penny book projects world events.
In Social Studies- Students began learning about the explorers of Texas. They wrote journal entries about their voyages.
In Science Lab - Students learned about different soil properties and which soil retains the most water.
Have a great weekend. Remember No School on Monday. Enjoy!
~Mrs. Pierce

Week 17

Dear Parents,
I hope each one of you has a very Merry Christmas and enjoys your time with your students! Thank you for a wonderful 1st semester of school. I love spending my days with your children! They have grown so much since September and I know they will continue on this path! Thank you for the many wonderful gifts and treats,I appreciate each one of you! 
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!!
Mrs. Pierce 
What a wonderful week is has been in 218!!! So much learning is happening!
One more week unitl the holiday break! Please remember that we will have early release next Friday, December 22nd at 1:00 pm. We will have our class party from 12-12:45. Please remember to send a wrapped book with your student for a book exchange! Please continue to bring in items for the sock and diaper tree that PAWS is promoting. There will be a PAWS meeting on Wednesday of next week!
In math, we are finishing our unit on input /output tables. Students will test next week before the break. We have finished our 2nd expository paper for writing. Students have begun to work on their world events of their Penny Project. Students did an amazing job of researching weather for our unit in reading. Many groups presented their information to the class today! In science lab, students discussed the Moon Phases. We held our Spelling Bee in class today and we are proud to announce that Sloane, Harrison, and Lucas will represent our class in the School Spelling Bee in January! 
Have a wonderful weekend!
~Mrs. Pierce

Week 15


Just a few notes to wrap up this week! We celebrated a wonderful week of Inclusion here at Armstrong! We had so many opportunites to learn so much more about inclusion. The students really enjoyed this week! 

Please look for an email about our winter Party from our room moms! It will be Friday, December 22nd, from 12-12:45. You all are invited. Please remember it is an earlt release day!

Writing:  They are in the process of writing their  2nd published piece of Expository writing! We will begin working on our Penny Project timeline of World Events. We have already set this up in your student's Google Drive. They are able to access it from home.

Math: This week we took our test over long division. Overall students are using their strategies to solve the problems. Many students are having difficuties because they are still having difficulty with their multiplication facts. I cannot stress enough how important it is for students to be fluent in their fact practice. Please continue to work with your students outside of the classroom.

Reading: Students have been collecting notes for their research over Weather that we are doing here in class.

Science: In Lab this week, students learned about the Water cycle, transpiration and evaporation.

Social Studies: We are taking a break in our classroom and focusing more on Science.

Thanks so much for all that you do to support your children!

~Donna Pierce

Week 12


Just a few notes to wrap up this week! Don’t forget just Monday and Tuesday of next week! Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Writing: Students wrote intros and conclusions for their expository essay. They are in the process of writing their published piece. 

Math: Students took a test over Topic 7, which was over 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. The students did very well overall, very pleased with each of them! I was very pleased with the results. We have begun division. After Thanksgiving, we will learn about long division.

Reading: We have begun our non-fiction unit and have worked this past week on ways to read non-fiction well. When we return from thanksgiving, student will dive into research. Students should still be logging their reading at home.

Science: The students loved lab this week, they dissected owl pellets. They also learned about weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Social Studies: We are taking a break in our classroom and focusing more on Science.

Thanks so much for all that you do to support your children!

~Donna Pierce