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Armstrong Elementary School

All About Ms.Brunner

Hi! I’m Carrie Brunner,and I’m so thrilled to be sharing this year with you and your child. 3rd graders are my favorite people!

I grew up in Garland, Texas and graduated from Texas Woman’s University in Denton with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. I previously taught 3rd grade in Frisco,Texas.
This is my 3rd year at Armstrong, and I have worked alongside so many wonderful teachers, families and students.
I have a passion for empowering students with skills to be lifelong learners.
I look forward to learning and laughing with my class each year.

My family, like yours, is a busy and loving one. We enjoy reading, sports, playing Rockband and being together.
I can’t wait to meet you and start our new year together!

Recent Posts

Thank you for meeting with me last week for parent conferences. I tell the kids all the time I am the luckiest  teacher and it's so true! Your commitment to your child's learning and trust in me is incredible. I feel honored to have your child in my room. Thank you for setting goals for your child with me-it's going to be a wonderful year full of fun and growth!
I hope you enjoyed your gift from your talented and hard working writer today!
Enjoy and celebrate!! 
All my thanks!!

Week 6 Update

Hello Families,
Thank you for making the Book Fair such a success last week. It is truly my privilege to see students so excited about books and reading!
If you haven't please sign up for a conference with me on the volunteer website--I have plenty of available times --or let's make one together! 
We will be buzzing into our third grade curriculum and will be focusing on the following topics this week:
Math Workshop- Adding and subtracting on a number line, using representations (strip diagram/Bar model) to add and subtract, adding with the expanded algorithm, adding using models
Problem solving skill- Visualizing                   
Number Talks- Addition: Doubles/Near Doubles
Reader's Workshop- Talking back to the text, Raising the level of Questions to Unearth Deeper Meaning: Considering the Authors Purpose, Celebrating the end of our Fiction Unit!
Read Aloud- “Stone Fox”
Science- Table Manners/Insects- Describe how an isopod is adapted to survive
Social Studies- Citizenship, good citizens, good deeds. Being a productive citizen
Mentor Sentences- I Want My Monster focus on quoting dialogue
Words Their Way- Test this Thursday
Writer's Workshop- Launching the Writing Workshop: commas and quotation marks/punctuating dialogue, & revising in big, important ways, revising endings, using editing checklist and celebrating our published pieces!
Here are things coming up in the week ahead:
Tue, Oct 3, Alice’s Garden Week B
Fri, Oct 6, Walk to School Day
Looking ahead:
Thu, Oct 12, 6:30-7:45pm Family Math Night with Greg Tang
Fri, Oct 13, Bike Rodeo

No mo Dojo

Hi there,
I'm sorry for all the announcements at once! I wanted to let you know that I've heard from many of you regarding Class Dojo. For our classroom family-it doesn't seem to be a fit and we are going to use the reward system I've used in the past. I appreciate your patience and flexibility with me to try something out and ultimately make the best decision for our classroom. 
Please feel free to delete the Dojo app from your device. Let me know if you have any concerns.
All my thanks,

Weekly Update

Hello Families! 

This week will be another busy one! Don't forget we have early release Friday at 1:00. 


Here are some things coming in the week ahead:

 Tue, Sep 19, Picture Day

Tue, Sep 19, Alice’s Garden Week B

Tue, Sep 19, 11:30am Principal’s Brown Bag Lunch, “They Don’t Teach the Way I Learned Anymore: How to Help Your Kids with Schoolwork”

Fri, Sep 22, 1:00pm Student Early Release, Teacher Professional Development

Happy Week 3

Week 3
Thank you for coming to Curriculum Night last Thursday, we had a great turn out! You are committed, warm and welcoming--just like your kiddos! If you couldn’t make it please check your child’s folder for paperwork that I passed out. I am also attaching the power point for everyone's reference! Thank you Thank you!
Focuses this week:
Math Workshop-  Continuing Place value and Problem Solving-writing to explain.
 Number Talks- Making Landmark Numbers or Friendly Numbers. Doubles/Near Doubles.
Reader's Workshop- "Building a Reading Life"-
~Setting Up Systems to Find and Share Book, Reading in the Company of Partners,Readers Check for Comprehension, OUR LIBRARY GRAND OPENING!!
Read Aloud- “Stone Fox”
Science- Leaf Collection/Leaf Facts/ Cones and Needles
~Compare and Contrast structures and functions of parts of a conifer and deciduous tree.
Social Studies- Branches and Levels of Government including leaders
Mentor Sentences- “Stone Fox”- Focus- Proper Nouns
Words Their Way- No Spelling this week
Writer's Workshop- Launching the Writing Workshop: Crafting True Stories
Writers Use a Storyteller’s Voice. They Tell Stories, Not Summaries, Taking Stock and Asking, “How am I doing?”, Editing as We Go: Making Sure Others Can Read Our Writing
Here are some things coming in the week ahead:
Mon, Sep 11, 7:15am Cub Scouts Community Heroes Ceremony at Armstrong Flagpole
Mon, Sep 11, Invention Convention kickoff
Tue, Sep 12, Alice’s Garden Week A
Looking ahead:
Tue, Sep 19, Picture Day
Tue, Sep 19, Alice’s Garden Week B
Tue, Sep 19, 11:30am Principal’s Brown Bag Lunch, “They Don’t Teach the Way I Learned Anymore: How to Help Your Kids with Schoolwork”
Fri, Sep 22, 1:00pm Student Early Release, Teacher Professional Development

Hi Families!
We are off to a GREAT start in 3rd grade, and we are working diligently to create a community of learners in our classroom! This week will be jam packed with fun and learning! Please join us for Curriculum Night this Thursday from 5-5:50 or 6-6:50 in our classroom- Room 204!
We will be focusing on the following topics this week:
Math Workshop- Understanding and Applying Place Value:
Number Talks- Breaking numbers into place Value, using friendly numbers to add/subtract, Fluency with Addition and subtraction facts up to 20.
~Representing numbers, different ways to name numbers, greater numbers, place value relationships, comparing numbers, and ordering numbers
~Describing the relationship found in the base-10 place value system through the hundred thousand place, Composing and decomposing numbers up to 100,000,
Reader's Workshop- "Building a Reading Life"-
~Finding Within-Reach Books, setting goals and tracking progress, setting up systems to find and share books, & Reading in the company of partners
Science- Shady Characters/Herb and Woody Stems- Comparing and contrasting structures and functions
Social Studies- Basic Structure and Functions of City and State Government
Mentor Sentences- “Saturday’s and Tea Cakes” Focus- Proper Nouns
Spelling (Words Their Way)- This week students will be bringing home a class list and testing on First names of their classmates this Friday. We have begun Spelling Assessments and will be passing out “sorts” or list in a few weeks.
Writer's Workshop- Launching the Writing Workshop: Crafting True Stories
~Writing Process, finding ideas and writing up a storm, drawing a repertoire of strategies- writing with independence, using a story tellers voice- telling stories
Looking Ahead:
Thursday, Sep 7, Curriculum Night
Mon, Sep 11, Invention Convention Kickoff
Tue, Sep, 19, Picture Day- More info to come