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Now that we've learned some new strategies for solving tricky words, it is time to become flexible in using them, noticing where some strategies may be more helpful than others and often combining two strategies to solve a word! Readers are discovering that flexibility with strategies and perseverance always help us when things feel hard!
Some exploration into 2D shapes and things we can make with different compositions of them!
A whole class study into 2D shapes and their attributes, naming how many sides and vertices shapes have and noticing what makes shapes unique!
Word work is getting more challenging as kids start to listen for blends  in their word sorts! At this point in the year, we want all of Kindergarten to be reading and writing blends in their words, making sure to put together two sounds!
Sweet love bugs in Kindergarten! We had a blast celebrating the friendships we've made on Valentine's Day!
Making pictographs with our conversation hearts was such a fun way to celebrate Valentine's Day!
Generating survey questions, gathering data from peers and graphing our results on bar graphs! 
Making personalized digraph charts to help us remember the sounds that our digraphs make. Kids will have these in their writing folders for the rest of the year to reference as they work to record all of the letters for the sounds that they hear in words. 
A special treat to celebrate all that we have learned about the types of landforms and bodies of water in the world around us! Whether it be islands, plains, peninsulas, mountains, oceans, rivers or bays, we can tell you all about them!
Reflecting on our 100 days together and all that we've learned, whether its how to be optimistic, how to read, how to write our names, and even, how to skip bars on the monkey bars! We've come a LONG way!
In social studies, we have learned all about the types of landforms and bodies of water that we find in the world around us. Here is our teaching chart!
Discovering all of the nonfiction features of our books and investigating why they are important to the organization of our texts!