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I hope everyone has a wonderful and summer break!! It has been a wonderful year in TAG and I am looking forward to next year! 

Week 36  

4th grade Math- Biz World and Final celebrations, Field day

3rd grade Math- Million Dollar Project, Field Day  

2nd grade Math- Financial Literacy project- Summer Vacation, Time for Kids with Financial literacy, field day  

4th grade Explorations- End of year celebrations with 4th grade classes

3rd grade Explorations- Toy and Game sharing with 3rd and 4th grade classes

2nd grade Explorations- Final Curiosity presentation to 2nd grade class

Week 35

4th grade Math- STARR Test (Monday and Tuesday) Biz World

3rd grade Math- STARR Test (Monday and Tuesday) Creating a Personal Budget Project

2nd grade Math- (Class for only 3 days) No class Monday/Tuesday, Step up to 3rd grade TAG curriculum- Summer Vacation project

4th grade Explorations- Collaboration and learning with HPHS Robotics team at Highland Park High school

3rd grade Explorations- Film commercials, and sharing completed projects with classmates, final details and touches to projects

2nd grade Explorations- Reviewed final Projects and made any additional touches before presenting

Week 34

4th grade Math- STAAR Review

3rd grade Math- STAAR Review

2nd grade Math- Costs and Resources,  Problem Solving: Use Reasoning, Review, Test

4th grade Explorations-  NuMinds STEAM Bots Program/ “In-house field trip” 1:00-3:00

(At Armstrong)

3rd grade Explorations- Film commercials (group 1)/ play games with teammates and finish rules/final details

2nd grade Explorations- Worked on final presentations, posters, and  speaking practice for 2nd grade class

Week 33

4th grade Math- Income, Paying Bills, Keeping Records, Making a budget, Problem Solving-Adjusting a Budget, Review, Test

3rd grade Math- Banks and Other Institutions, Problem Solving: Analyze Relationships, Review, Test

2nd grade Math- Spending Money, Using Credit, Making A Savings Plan

4th grade Explorations-  Programming small group robots

3rd grade Explorations- Finished writing individual commercials for game/toy and prepared for presentation

2nd grade Explorations- Finished writing individual curiosity topic papers

Week 32

4th grade Math- Making Scatter Plots, Problem Solving, Analyzing Scatter Plots,  Review/Test**, Income and Payroll Taxes, Sales and Property Taxes

3rd grade Math- Review, *Test, Spending, Saving, and Sharing, Ways to Save, fixed and Variable Expenses

2nd grade Math-Problem Solving: Use Representation, Review, Test, Earning Income

4th grade Explorations- Programming small group robots   

3rd grade Explorations- Writing individual commercials for game/toy

2nd grade Explorations- Continued writing individual curiosity papers

Week 31

4th grade Math-  Frequency and bar graph review and unit Test, Make Dot Plots, Analyze Dot Plots, Make Stem-and-Leaf Plots, Analyze Stem-and-Leaf Plots

3rd grade Math- Reading Dots Plots, Making Dot Plots, Reading Stem-and-Leaf Plots, Making Stem and Leaf Plots, Problem Solving: Use Representations

2nd grade Math- Dot Plots Continued from last week, Reading Pictographs and Bar Graphs, Making Pictographs, Making Bar Graphs

4th grade Explorations- Programming small group robotics with HPHS Robotics Team and HS teacher Mr. Thomas  

3rd grade Explorations- Finished planning and building personal toy/game that matches class preferences

2nd grade Explorations- Individual curiosity unit- online research note taking skills, researching, answering questions, group discussions over topics. Individual planning of curiosity topic, Bucketing facts into topics and paragraphs