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 We are going to have a fabulous year!

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Open for business!! The students had an awesome time selling their goods at our Economics Fair!
The excitement is contagious! Students are enjoying producing their goods and services for our upcoming Economics Fair! 

Series Book Clubs

The students were engaged in series book clubs discussing the author’s craft. They each read books in fiction series like Magic Tree House and Calendar Mysteries. Today’s book club goal was to be sure everyone in their group had a chance to share!
Students have been very excited about our literacy work this week!  We began series book clubs.  In this format, students in a group all read different books of a series.  For example, four students may all be reading different Cam Jansen mysteries, while another group is reading Magic Tree House and so on.  There are many reasons why this is beneficial to students.  First, they can talk about the character traits that are common among the books.  It's interesting to watch them notice how the main character will have similar reactions to problems across different books.  In addition, this is the beginning of students noticing plot structure.  By reading and discussing several books in the same series, the similarities between them come to light.
We are deep into our measurement unit during math class. This week, we have been learning about the customary measurements of inches, feet, and yards. Next week, students will be able to create the magical “Land of Inch” during math class.
The students have enjoyed our reading and writing poetry unit! This week, we have written various types of poems, such as concrete, rhyming, cinquain, and acrostic poems. We have learned to look at the world around us with “poets’ eyes”. 
Lots of work with polygons today during our geometry unit! Students are learning the names of polygons and putting shapes together to create new shapes. 
Students enjoy using tactile tools such as Play-doh, Bananagrams, and magnetic letters, to learn the words in their individualized word sorts.