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Welcome to our class! Read on to see what we are learning this week.

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In Math we having been learning about addition. We have learned several strategies that can help us add such as drawing pictures; counting on, using a 10 frame, rek-n-rek, number bonds and part/part/wholes. You may need to ask your kindergartner to show you more!
We have been striving to make our writing better! As you can see from the pictures, we are learning to use tools such as vowel charts to help us hear sounds, checklists to make sure we have good details in our writing and we use our partners to help us make our writing the best!
Today, Miss T, our technology expert, taught us how to use coding to control a funny round ball. It is called Sphero and we loved it! Thanks for a fun Hour of Code week.
Today we had a guest reader! We love learning how we are all alike yet different. Our differences make us stronger.
Today, as a part of Inclusion Week, we had a former Armstrong student tell us about Special Olympics and the part she plays in that great organization. In our room we learned that SO is 50 years old! So glad that we each play a part and that we are all included in life's moments.
During Inclusion Week at Armstrong we are learning that we can ALL be friends! Here we are on the Friendship bench. Thanks to a parent sharing this phrase, we have begun the policy of "You don't say, you can't play".  It has been a great tool to remind us that we should include others because it makes us all feel better!
This week is inclusion week at Armstrong. We will be learning about several challenges that some friends encounter. Today we learned about diminished vision and how that effects life. We tried seeing the world like a friend who may be blind. We also looked at books written in Braille. No matter what the disability, all people like to be included and we all learn in our own way!
Today we met with Study Buddies in our Sky Flex space and did a fun Thanksgiving activity. Yea for Study Buddies
Today Armstrong celebrated Veteran's Day! We had our first assembly and were able to listen to several parents and 2 school board members who have served our country in the military. The children were great listeners and had some super questions. We are proud of those who serve our country!
We had such a fun day with our stuffed animals as we taught them at our Word School! We will also use them tomorrow. We also had some special visitors from the HP fire department. Isn't it great to be a kindergartner??