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Welcome to our class! Read on to see what we are learning this week.

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Here is our last career day speaker. Now we know lots about investing! Thanks to all who came and taught us.
Today we learned about both electrical engineering and programming! Several of us decided that we might like to try that career in the future! Thanks for sharing your time with us!
This is career week at Armstrong and we welcome some of our parents as they tell us about their jobs! Here we are learning about our spines. We even got masks and hats so we are set up to be surgeons!
Wow! Our garden has grown SO much! Today we learned about compost and recycling, picked and tasted radishes and lettuce and watched some bees in action as they were busy pollinating! Cool kindergarten learning :) 
Parents, today we were having our "Reading Playdates" and they were so adorable I had to take some pictures to show you! As Avid Readers we are working on bringing our books to life by acting them out, playing teacher and reading our book to each other and using gestures! Here are some of us in actions!
Thanks to all who joined us at the Dallas Zoo! We had a ball watching so many animals! We all had our favorites!! What a gorgeous day for a field trip!
In our measurement unit we are doing lots of comparing! We are also using non-standard tools to help us measure. Here we are tracing a friend's foot, comparing our feet and using cubes to determine whose is larger/smaller.
Today some students from MIS came to help us solve a problem using 3D shapes. We heard that our new flex spaces will need furniture and equipment once the construction at Armstrong is finished. Here is our challenge---create a prototype of an object that could be used in our new spaces. These objects must be made out of 3D shapes. First we started with a shape walk around the school and tallied 2D and 3D shapes. Read on...
Here are a few of our creations! We had the best time collaborating with the 6th graders and solving a real world problem using 3D shapes!
These last two days we have been a lab class for Writing Workshop. We had a facilitator from Teacher's College in NYC. We also had LOTS of other teachers who were working with us, learning and helping us to be better writers. Here we have one student who is giving a speech. Can you tell that we started our Persuasive Writing unit?! Kindergartners are passionate about many topics and their written words are powerful. Stay tuned for more.
Today we finished publishing our All About books! We selected one book from the many which we had written, then we chose an editing goal such as making sure our writing was neat or adding capitals and punctuation. Next we sat in two circles and took turns reading our stories to an audience! Kindergartners are great writers who have a lot to teach! Check your child's Take Home folder on Wednesday to read some of their stories.
Today was Grandfriend's Day. We were so proud to share what we do in kindergarten with our special friends!
We had such fun with our Grandfriends! Thanks so much for all you do for us and for coming today. We are blessed to have you!