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Recognition Program


Below is our schedule for tomorrow morning. We are looking forward to seeing all of you!

8:05 Clap out for 4th graders down the first, second, and third grade hallway (Hollier’s class will be walking down the third grade hall and exiting at the staircase near auditorium)

8:15-9:30 4th grade recognition and slideshow

9:30-10:00 Parents are invited up to Mrs. Hollier’s class to hear our “Ode to Armstrong” poems

10:00-10:30 Reception in cafeteria for parents and students

10:30-11:30  Students will leave for specials

Please make sure that students are dressed appropriately for our recognition program. Girls should wear a nice dress, romper, jumpsuit, or skirt. Boys should wear a nice shirt and pants, no shorts. They can bring a change of clothes for after the program.

If you have any questions, please let me know!

Happy Monday! I cannot believe that we only have three weeks left of school! This year has flown by, but we still have much to accomplish in a short amount of time! Next week on Monday and Tuesday we will have our math and reading STAAR tests. If anyone is willing, we will need water bottles for our entire class for that day. Please let me know if you are interested in helping us with this. Also, I will be asking for parents to write a letter of encouragement to their children for the day(s) of STAAR testing. You can send the letter enclosed in an envelope with your child’s name on the front and ask them to give it to me. I would like to have these by Friday morning.

This week in…

Math: STAAR review/Amazing Race to STAAR

Writing: Ode Poems

Reading: STAAR Review

Social Studies: Empresarios

Science: Insulators and Conductors

What an amazing day we had walking to MIS! The students had the opportunity to tour the building and sit in on a fifth grade class. I know they are all ready and looking forward to next year.

This Week in…

Math: We started Biz World today. You should see a form coming home tonight that needs to be filled out and returned tomorrow. We may have some opportunities for parents to volunteer so please indicate on the form if you are interested! 

Reading and Writing: We are wrapping up folktales and poetry writing. We started a new read aloud today that is my absolute favorite, The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.

Science: Investigations with light energy

Social Studies: Colonization

I will be out of school tomorrow. If something is urgent or if you have a dismissal change, please contact the office. I am hoping to return on Thursday.

Hope you all are having a great week! 


Happy Friday!

  1. We will visit MIS on May 2nd. More information to come.
  2. STAAR Math test is on May 14 and Reading on May 15. More information to come.
  3. Please sign up for Career Week on the PTA website.
  4. 4th grade recognition program is on May 24th from 8:30 to about 10.
  5. Field Day is on May 26th. That is also an early release day at 1pm-Also, our last day of school.

This week in…

Math: We began our financial literacy unit. We will continue this unit for the next two weeks or so before we begin reviewing for the STAAR test.

Reading: We are in the midst of wrapping up our read-aloud, Wonder. We are hoping to finish by the end of next week. Today we began our folktale unit. We will be learning all about fairy tales, fables, myths, legends, and tall tales and how these are folktales passed down by generations. Students will even be writing some poetry from their readings of folk tales.

Writing: This week we continued on with writing poetry. Today students wrote poems based on fairy tales. We will continue this work into next week.

Science: Students continue to understand light energy.

Social Studies: We are wrapping up a quick mission project next week and will continue on with the Texas Revolution.

The weeks seem to be flying by now that we are in our last six weeks of school. We still have much to learn and accomplish before our elementary students become middle schoolers (eek!).  Also, we have a lot of exciting activities coming up soon-don’t forget to check out the Armstrong E-Blasts and my weekly updates to find see what’s happening!

Important Dates: 

  1. We will visit MIS on Tuesday, May 1st. I will send more info next week
  2. STAAR Math test is on May 14 and Reading on May 15. 
  3. Please sign up for Career Week on the PTA website. 
  4. 4th grade recognition program is on Thursday, May 24th at 8:30am. 
  5. Field Day is on Friday, May 25th. That is also an early release day at 1pm-Also, our last day of school. 

Math: Today we wrapped up our data collection and representation unit. Next week we will begin our unit on Financial Literacy.

Writing: We are so glad to have the STAAR writing test behind us. The students have been working so hard this year on becoming polished authors and the STAAR test is just one snapshot of their accomplishments. Next week we will be continuing our poetry unit by reviewing and writing different types of poetry.

Reading: Our book club for Wonder has quickly become one of our class favorites! This book encourages in depth conversations about inclusion, difference in all of us, kindness, and compassion. We are continuing to write poems from different character’s perspective. The class cannot wait to share their poetry with y’all!

Science: The students worked on creating boats and analyzing how they float.  

Social Studies: Texas Revolution

Happy Monday!!

Remember, the writing STAAR test is tomorrow. If you haven’t yet, please send the special notes for them tomorrow morning. Please encourage your children to get a good night’s sleep tonight and eat a healthy, hearty breakfast in the morning so they are ready to take on the test! We will have a snack provided for us, so the students will not need to bring their own.

Last week and this week in…

Math: We finished our unit on measurement and have started our data collection and representation unit. We will continue this work this week as well.

Reading: We continue to understand what it means to Close Read a passage and what it means to read with a narrative and expository lenses. We have started our last book club book, Wonder! We will continue this for the next few weeks.

Writing: April is National Poetry Month! Students began studying and writing poetry last week and understanding the elements of different types of poetry. We're become budding poets and can't wait to share our poetry with you soon. Last week we reviewed for the STAAR test so that students feel comfortable with the layout tomorrow. We are looking forward to showing our writing expertise on the test!

Science: In science lab, students created sink of float foil boats. They also explained how large ocean ships float.

We are looking forward to a wonderful week of learning!

Important Dates: 

  1. Armstrong Reads was due on today but can be turned in tomorrow! Please send in the forms and funds collected.  We hope that everyone participated in this wonderful fundraiser!
  2. Picture day is next Wednesday, April 11th. Forms will go home on Monday. Please send back forms if you would like to purchase pictures.  
  3. Armstrong Carnival is on April 13th and starts at 1pm. Please email me if you want your child to directly go to the carnival that day. 

Math: We are wrapping up our measurement unit and will save a test on Wednesday. We will start exploring data and graphs at the end of this week and into next week.

Reading: Last week, students became experts on parts of Secrets of the Mummies. We reviewed all of our nonfiction elements and students shared their learning with new groups.  We began reading Wonder today and began our poetry and drama unit.

Writing: This week we are reviewing all things expository writing. Our writing STAAR test is next Tuesday!  

Science: This week students will be learning buoyancy, density and create a delicate diver. 

Social Studies: We will begin studying the Texas Revolution this week and begin looking at the annexation of Texas.

Our last field trip will be on Tuesday, April 3rd. I will be sending home information about the trip in their binder today. If you would like to chaperone on this trip, please email me by Wednesday. 

We had a great week back at school after spring break! It was a busy one though filled with lots of revising and editing practice, open house, and grandfriend’s day. I enjoyed seeing so many smiling faces at open house and seeing student work begin shared proudly with parents. I also loved meeting so many grandparents and grandfriends today! I heard many stories being shared about the past and students learning all about their families. It was a great day!

Next week is a three day week (Monday-Friday). The teachers have a professional development day on Thursday and a student/teacher holiday on Friday.

This week in:

Math: Perimeter and Area. We will continue this next week.

Reading: We reviewed non-fiction text features and began to read a book titled The Secret of the Mummies. Students were responsible for reading a different chapter and becoming an expert about the information. Next week, students will continue their note taking and present their information to our class.

Writing: This week we reviewed poetry and wrote two poems, My Room and I Love You. We have also been reviewing all things expository writing. We will continue reviewing for the next couple of weeks.

Science: Viscosity of Liquids

Reminder! Open House is on Thursday from 5-6:30. It will be come and go, so please come by and see all of the hard work our students have done this year! 

Good afternoon parents!

What a great way to end our nine weeks! We celebrated the end of our historical fiction unit with a cultural celebration. The students were pumped and excited to share parts of their culture and heritage.  Thank you for inspiring them and sharing stories that excited them to present today! We also finished our historical fiction novel, Esperanza Rising. Ask your child about this wonderful book over break!

Math: We will start perimeter and area when we return.

Reading: We will revisit our nonfiction unit with a class study of Mummies 

Writing: We will continue our work with revising and editing

Social Studies: Colonization 

Science: Mass and Weight

Important dates:

3-19 Armstrong Reads Begins (they already have the booklets for this)

3-20 WE DAY field trip

3-21 PAWS General Meeting 

3-22 Open House 5-6:30 (Come and go)

3-23 Grandfriend's Day (9-10:30 in our classroom -Come and Go)

3-29 Student Holiday 

3-30 Student Holiday

4-3 Trinity River Field Trip

4-10 STAAR Writing Test 

Enjoy your spring break!!

We had an AWESOME week during our Armstrong Adventure Camp. The students composed excellent pieces of writing—I am very proud of their hard work! Thank you so much to all of our parents who helped set up tents and brought snacks for our class. We are very lucky to have a group of such supportive and loving parents!

Next Week

Math: We will be wrapping up our measurement unit. Our test will be on Thursday.

Writing: We will be beginning to look more closely at expository writing and starting “Expository 2.0” lessons. We are going to take our writing to the next level!

Reading: We will wrap up our novel, Esperanza Rising, as well as wrap up our Historical Fiction reading unit. We will take our end of unit test on Thursday.

Science: We will be covering multiple topics in science next week including mass and weight, temperature, changing states (solid, liquid, and gas), and mixtures and solutions.


Important Reminders:  

-Remember to have your child read out loud for at least ten minutes each night to help build fluency. Try having your child read poems and easier texts helps build fluency!

Next Week:

Monday-Friday: Dr. Seuss week! Please check your schedule to see if/when you are reading to our class. Please bring ONE Dr. Seuss book to share!

Monday-Friday: Armstrong Adventure Writing Camp! Fourth grade will be dedicating an entire week to expository writing! Please see the schedule below to know what the theme is for each day. Since we will only be working on writing next week students will not have reading or math homework, but they will be responsible for completing polished, final drafts.

Also, parents will have a little homework as well! Each evening students will be bringing home their piece of writing for the day and you will need to read over it with your child and give them “glows” and “grows”. This sheet will be attached to their essays for you to fill out. Please return this with your child’s writing the next day.

What we are working on in class…

Math: Last week we began our measurement unit. We have looked at customary units of length and have begun conversions. 

Reading: We are continuing our historical fiction unit work in class and at home. Your child should have finished their historical fiction book club book and have now chosen a historical fiction novel of their own. We have also started a new novel in class called Esperanza Rising. You may see this come home for homework from time to time.  

Writing: This week we finished publishing our second literary essay our book club books. We will be returning our focus to expository writing. We are all ready to go for writing camp next week!

Science: Students explored weather tools such as rain gauges, barometers, thermometers, and wind gauges.

Social Studies: We began looking at missions in Texas.