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May 7-11

Hello parents, 
Thank you so much for spoiling me this week for Teacher Appreciation Week!  I loved the notes, the gifts, and best of all, the hugs.  
Math: Math Amazing Race-we were able to have a lesson with each fourth grade teacher. They are prepared for the STAAR test on Monday. 
Writing: We continue to write poetry. 
Reading: We finished Wonder and began The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  We also reviewed for the STAAR reading test.  This test will take place on Tuesday. 
Science: Circuits 
Social Studies: Colonization 
Have a wonderful weekend  and remember to get plenty of sleep and a good breakfast for our testing on Monday. 

April 30-May 4

Another week has sped by. Thank you for sending your children early on Monday. What a great experience Skyping with our friends in Bangladesh. The excitement kicked off the week. 
Math: We have started Biz World. This is simulation into financial literacy where students start a business. They applied for their jobs and are now part of 1 or 3 companies in our classroom.  We will take a break from Biz World next week to do a math rotation which will allow for a review before the test. 
Reading: Students continue to read closely with a first and second read. They had time to do a marathon read in which they focused on non fiction articles. They also were able to look at a Robert Frost Poem and find the theme and meaning behind the poem. We finished Wonder and students have created their own precepts or shared one that really sticks to them. 
Writing: We continue to write poetry and will do this next week. 
Social Studies- We finished Missions of Texas 
Science- How can you conserve energy. 
Have a fantastic weekend. 

Good afternoon!  What an amazing day today.   I hope your children tell you all about our WE Walk for Water, Arbor Days Tree Planting and our North Texas Food Bank Donation.  I am so proud of these change makers. 
1. Math: We finished the first part of our financial literacy unit and will begin Biz World next week to continue our understanding of how money works. 
2. Reading and Writing: We continue to read Wonder and love every word.  We have read and written poem about different folktales.  They love this unit of study.
3. Science: Nature's Reflections 
4. Missions of Texas 
We have a lot going on in the upcoming weeks.  Thank you for your support and dedication. Remember to RSVP for the garden picnic at Bales Elementary.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

Happy Friday!  The students have worked super hard this week and are ready for a relaxing weekend  Thank you so much for all your support when it comes to making Armstrong wonderful.  

  1. Math: We have started our financial literacy unit. We’ve talked about revenue, profit, savings, and expenses. We will dig deeper in the next week. 
  2. Reading: We continue to read Wonder! What a fantastic book full of love, compassion, loss, and life lessons. We will continue working with folktales in the coming weeks. Students are also using what they read to create poems.  
  3. Writing: We have started writing poetry and understanding the deeper meanings of our poems. As April is national poetry month, we hope to bring out the inner poets that rest in all of us. Share some poetry at home with your child and discuss the themes and figurative language that make the poems strong.
  4. Social Studies: We are understanding the roles of the missions in Texas and the purpose of the. 
  5. Science: Students worked on sources of light and how light travels. We also finished up our exchange three for Level Up Village-have students log on to show you their page.  


Things to keep in mind:

  1. Empty out and sign yellow communication folder.
  2. Follow me on twitter @ashrafmobh

Have a wonderful weekend.

Dear parents, 
What a wonderful week we have had.  Students have worked hard and are gearing up to become the best 5th graders. Remember, the writing STAAR test is next Tuesday. Please send the special notes for them on Monday if possible.  I've gotten a few already. 
Math: We finished our unit on measurement and have started our data collection and representation unit. We will continue this work next week.
Reading: We continue to understand what it means to Close Read a passage and what it means to read with a narrative and expository lense. We have started our last book club book, Wonder! Students are choosing kindness, always. 
Writing: We've become budding poets and can't wait to share our poetry with you soon. We are also reviewing for the STAAR test so that students feel comfortable with the layout. 
Science: Sink of float foil boats. Explain how large ocean ships float. Level up Village video exchange 
Students got to use their VR glasses today for the first time. As STEAM students, this was one of our asks. I hope they tell you all about their experience today. 
We were in the NEWS! Check out these two links. 
Please see the email for earlier this week for important dates and events.  
Have a wonderful weekend!
What an amazing and full week.  I hope your children told you about WE Day and what a great time we had.  We also had Spencer West come and motivate us in ways only he could.  
I hope you enjoyed Open House! I certainly missed you all and I hope the students were able to show you what they are passionate about and how they learn. We certainly had an amazing day with our Grandfriends. Ask your child to share their interview questions and answers to learn a bit more about our Grandfriends. 
Field Trip: Our last field trip will be on April 3rd. Please look at information about the trip in their Yellow Folder today. If you would like to chaperone on this trip, please email me by next Wednesday. 
Math: We worked on measurement and will continue this next week. 
Reading: We got into nonfiction reading again with a book on Mummies.  The students LOVED this book and got to teach others information that they were responsible for. Ask them about mummies and you would be surprised as to what they have learned. 
Writing: Students are working on understanding what a prompt is REALLY asking and how they can unpack the prompt. 
Science: Level Up Village 
Have a great weekend
Good afternoon parents, 
What a great way to end our nine weeks! We celebrated the end of our historical fiction unit with a cultural celebration. The students were pumped and excited to share parts of their culture and heritage.  Thank you for inspiring them and sharing stories that excited them to present today! Please visit our class Twitter page @ashrafmobh to see amazing videos and pictures.  The cherry on top of our day was a tweet liked by Pam Munoz Ryan-the author of Esperanza Rising!
Math: We will start perimeter and area when we return.
Reading: We will revisit our nonfiction unit with a class study of Mummies 
Writing: We will continue our work with revising and editing
Social Studies: Colonization 
Science: Level Up Village 
Important dates:
3-19 Armstrong Reads Begins (they already have the booklets for this)
3-20 WE DAY 
3-21 PAWS General Meeting 
3-22 Open House 5-6:30 (Come and go)
3-23 Grandfriend's Day (9-10:30 in our classroom -Come and Go)
3-29 Student Holiday 
3-30 Student Holiday
4-3 Trinity River Field Trip
4-10 STAAR Writing Test 
Enjoy your spring break and stay safe.  
What a wonderful week! Students have worked hard, written essays that are precise and used their revising and editing skills to help each other out.  Thank you for sending them each day ready to to learn. We will send an Armstrong Adventure booklet for you to look at on Monday. Thank you also to all the parents that helped revise and edit work with students, sent snacks, set up our room, and provided us with author visits.  Armstrong Adventure would  not have been a success without your support! 
We are also thankful to all of our parents who read for Dr. Seuss week!  Students loved listening to some of their favorite books. 
We will continue with our measurement unit next week, wrap up our historical fiction unit, continue working on expository writing, and continue our work with Level Up Village. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 

This Week!

Hello parents, 
We had another great week full of learning and understanding. 
Math: We continue to work on units of measurements and started understanding the metric unit this week. We will not have math next week due to Armstrong Adventure.
Writing: Students wrote their expository intros and reasons. They raised the level of their work as we called this unit the 2.0 of expository. 
Reading: We wrapped up Number the Stars and were able to read ID cards that belonged to from that time period.  We have started Esperanza Rising this week and will continue reading it next week. 
Science: Level Up Village-Contamination of Water 
SS: Missions of Texas 
Have a great weekend. 

The picture represents a symmetric design using pattern blocks.  All of them were amazing!!!


Hello parents,

What a wonderful week we’ve had.  Students have worked hard and supported our Valenkinds Sales and had a great time at the party.  I am so thankful to be back with the students and we had a great day catching up. 


  1. Remember to send Boxtops. 
  2. Have your child read out loud each night to help build fluency. Using poems and easier texts helps build fluency. 
  3. Kindness Week was a great success couple of weeks and I hope students show their kindness during all situations and not just at school. Watch this sweet video from Kid President that shows simple ways to show kindness. See it here
  4. Thank you to our PTA moms and others who organized our Valentine’s Day Party. Students loved it and I heard all about it. 


The role of water during erosion. We have started our Level Up project for Global Scientist. Ask you child what an aquifer is and why they are important.  



We will finish our geometry unit on Monday and took the test on Tuesday. We have started our measurement unit.  This week we focused on the customary units.

Students need to bring an item of capacity for our measurement museum.  This could be anything that measures using pints, gallons, quarts, cups and oz. They have until next Thursday to bring this in. 


Students are able to determine figurative language while reading a piece of literature.  Students are also taking time to let novels reveal history while reading their historical fiction books.  As we dig deeper into historical fiction, students realize it is important to notice that “trouble is brewing” and pay close attention to the setting and characters. We are now focusing on minor characters and small moments and objects that lodge into big ideas. 

We will start Esperanza Rising as our read aloud.  This is a wonderful historical fiction set during the Great Depression and follows the life of a family who is faced with circumstances that lead them to work at Mexican migrant camps in California. 

Next Tuesday, we will finish our second book club book and students will celebrate on Wed. They can bring an artifact to celebrate their book club. 


We shared our literary essays that we completed in a celebration circle setting and will continue our work with expository next week.  You should see their writing! I'll send home writing folders next week for you to see the transition. 

Writing Camp will start on Monday, Feb. 26th.  This is a surprise week of activities. Although they know about the camp, they don't know what it entails.  Please look for information next week. 


Have a wonderful weekend. 

What another wonderful week of learning.  Students surely have enjoyed reading Project Mulberry and we are so lucky that Linda Sue Park, the author of Project Mulberry, tweeted us back when she saw our creations in the library.  Thank you for making this year's One School, One Book a success. We truly have the most amazing school and parents!
Math: Students finished their fractions unit and we have started geometry.  Students explored and created iMovies about geometry in real life. 
Reading: We continue to dive deeper into historical fiction.  Students understand that the author relays messages repeatedly to show that trouble is brewing and that characters are behaving the way they do because of the situations they are in.  Students love our read aloud Number the Stars.  Have dinner or car conversations regarding what they are learning about that time period during WWII. Students will begin their second book club next week. 
Writing: Students enhanced their literary essays by including lists, quotes, and mini stories to take their writing to the next level.  We will continue this work for the next couple of weeks. 
Science: Students explored rocks and mineral this week. 
Social Studies: Students finished learning about European Explorers. We have started our work with Level Up Village in which students will work with a class in Bangladesh as Global Scientist. We are excited about this work!
1. Penny Book due Monday- We've had enough time in class by now to have all world events completed.  If your child is not done with that, please finish at home.  Remember to have a cover page and their sources page at the end. 
2. Next week we will not do a Time for Kids- this should ease of some evening time for students to work on their science fair projects which are due on Feb. 15th.  The science fair will be held at 6 pm but students should bring their boards in the morning with all necessary materials on that day. 
3. Next week is Kindness Week-please the e-blast for more information
Monday: Be kind and let your Heart Grow -Wear hearts or red and give compliments. 
Tuesday: Kindness Makes Your Heart Glow-Wear bright or neon colors and be a good listener
Wednesday: Walk in Someone Else's Shoes-Wear two different shoes and show empathy
Thursday: Everyone Counts-Wear a number jersey or shirt and include others 
Friday: Wear your Green and Gold-Encourage each other with Armstrong spirit 
Thank you for always supporting our students and ensuring that they come prepared and ready to learn each day!  Have a wonderful weekend! 
Good afternoon parents, 
***Ask you child if they have broken or misplaced their headphones provided earlier this year. If they say yes, please send a small set to use for the year***
We've had another great week of learning. We looked at some Rube Goldberg designs and designed our own yesterday. Ask students to show you the TED talk from our Google Classroom.  Next week will be full of great beginnings as we dive into our Level Up Village Grant. Students will become Global Scientist as they discuss water and its importance around the world. 
Math: Students understand proper and improper fractions.  They are able to add and subtract fractions with like denominators.  We continue to work on problem-solving when it comes to fractions. We will take our fractions test on Monday. 
Reading: I'm sure you've seen your kiddos deep into their historical fiction novels.  They are learning how author's repeat things, how different characters react differently in the same situation.  We will continue to work with historical fiction for the next few weeks.  Ask students about our class read aloud, Number the Stars-It's certainly a favorite. Students are in book clubs for this unit and they committed to their daily reading and not read ahead for their meetings. 
Writing: Students are diving deep into their Literary Essays and making claims according to the book they are reading.  We will continue crafting our essays next week. 
Science: Students participated in a class experiment to get ready for the science fair. I will post some ideas for the science fair soon.  
Keep in mind that Penny Books are due the Feb. 5th and the science fair is due on Feb. 15th.  We work on world events each week and by this point, students should be done with 7 world events. Ask them to open their Google Drive and share with you what they've done so far.  
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hello parents,
I hope you are doing well and had a restful break.  I'm so glad to have the students back as we start the second semester. 
We started our fractions unit and will spend the next two weeks understanding, comparing, simplifying, and decomposing fractions. A great way to discuss fractions at home is letting your child use recipes or even looking at a meal and figuring out what parts make the whole meal. 
To we ended our nonfiction unit on extreme weather.  Students will have their post test next week on the unit and then we will start our historical fiction unit. This is my favorite genre and somehow the students flourish during this time!  Be sure your child reads Project Mulberry each night and then spends a bit of time on historical fiction. Remember, reader embody the reading and working part (discussions, sticky notes, etc.).  These are all parts of the learning process as we become expert readers. 
Students composed their final essay piece for the unit this week. We will begin literary essays this week. 
Social Studies:
Students have started their explorers unit and have made diary entrees according to the voyage they had while doing a simulation. 
Soil permeability.
Tid Bits:
1. Penny Project: Due on Feb. 5th.  Students should complete 4 years by this weekend to stay on track.  We work on world events in class and they work on personal events at home.      
2.  Science Fair information will come home soon.  The project is mandatory for 4th graders.  Please look at the information and let me know if you have questions.  I will attach a science fair ideas sheet on my site once it is released. It is important for young children to manage their time appropriately so that it does not cause a lot of stress when projects are due. Please be sure to speak with your child about due dates and times set aside to work on assignments.   
****Both of the above projects has due dates close to each other.  Please help students manage their time****
Have a wonderful weekend! Remember, there is NO School on Monday!