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Armstrong Generations

One of the many things that makes Armstrong a unique and special school is the number of students who have had multiple family members, throughout many generations, attend the school. As the first elementary school in Highland Park ISD, the school has a long history in the community and with the families that serve it.  That long history is a key attribute of what makes a school more than just a place to learn but a place that is cherished and honored within the community. As part of the centennial celebration, we will be highlighting a few of the families that have contributed to Armstrong’s legacy – understanding what made Armstrong special in the past and what the students currently attending think make it special today.

The Beecherl Family

With their six decades of attendance at Armstrong Elementary, the Beecherl family has had more than 30 family members attend the school. Click here to learn more about the Beecherl family and their Armstrong experiences.

The Weddington-Cervin-Axley Family

Starting in 1948, the Weddington-Cervin-Axley family has been a part of Armstrong. Click here and read about a grandmother and her grandson’s fond Armstrong memories.

The Means-Bales Family

Three generations of the Means family have called Armstrong home since 1946. Click here and read how a family’s tradition of involvement continues.

The Lokey/Kelley Family

The Lokey/Kelley family began creating their Armstrong memories in 1949. A son-in-law and grandchildren continued the tradition. Click here to read about this family’s favorite memories.

The Longmoor-Doherty-White Family

As the only fourth-generation Armstrong family, the Longmoor-Doherty-White family have sent 16 family members through the doors of their beloved school starting in 1916. Click here to read about this family.

The Ware-Read-Humann-Kinder Family

This family’s story begins in 1926 with a third grader starting at Armstrong. Their involvement with the school would focus on education and educating from that time until today. Click here to read the whole story.

A new family will be featured monthly from February through May and again from September through December.