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Step 3: Sign Up to Get Invovled

Our vision at Armstrong Elementary School is for parents, teachers, and students to create a learning community where all children reach their individual potential. Together we instill in each student a sense of community responsibility and the importance of life-long learning. To support our vision Armstrong encourages parents to be involved in their student's education. From volunteering in the cafeteria to serving on a committee and joining the PTA or Dads Club, parents can find volunteer opportunities that best fit their schedule and interests while supporting quality education for their children.
Parent Involvement Opportunities:
In the fall, be sure to sign up to volunteer at your student's school. The HPISD Volunteer Registration Consent Form must be completed each year and includes a background check.
As educators, we know that working with every child's parent plays a critical role in the success of our students and our school's ability to provide a strong foundation in the intellectual, social, cultural and physical aspects of learning.
Thank you for volunteering at Armstrong and supporting the education of your child.