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Please submit all funds to be deposited to PTA Treasurer-Elect, Cherrise Cederqvist. For questions regarding deposit procedures, contact Cherrise Cederqvist at 917.363.0132 or email    

Place Deposit form and cash/checks in a sealed envelope then put into the PTA Treasurer Lock Box (big green mailbox) in the school office.

Group all cash/checks together based on the description (clearly label what event, fundraiser or budget category the monies are for).

STAMP the back of all checks to be deposited using the Armstrong PTA endorsement stamp.

All deposit supplies, including deposit forms, envelopes, labels for envelopes, and endorsement stamps are located in the school office right next to the Treasurer Lock Box in the school office. 

 Download deposit form - see below


Please submit all reimbursement requests to PTA Treasurer, Melissa Rubenstein. For questions regarding reimbursement procedures, contact Melissa Rubenstein at 469.231.9274 or email

*Receipt(s) must be turned in within 2 WEEKS of incurring expense.

      *All receipts must accompany with reimbursement form, and form must be signed.

*The PTA cannot reimburse sales tax, so please use the tax i.d. number when making purchases.

      *A check will be issued within 3 WEEKS of form being submitted to the PTA Treasurer.

      *Make a copy for yourself and retain as a record.

      *Submit completed forms to the PTA Treasurer Mail Box in the school office.

Download reimbursement form - see below