Fourth Grade » Writing Camp (Armstrong Adventure)

Writing Camp (Armstrong Adventure)

February 2018

Dear Parents and Fourth Graders,

This year at Armstrong, all fourth graders will participate in an Armstrong Adventure the week of February 26 – March 2. Our Armstrong Adventure is a rich academic experience focusing on the stages of the writing process. This week is designed to polish and motivate our young writers in preparation for the STAAR Writing Tests that will be administered on Monday, April 10th. On this day, each student will write a well-developed expository composition to meet passing expectations with a score of “3” or above on a four-point scale.

The Armstrong Adventure experience will begin each day, starting on Monday (except for Tuesday and Wednesday due to science lab schedules), in the cafeteria at 8:15. All fourth-grade classes will gather there for a short assembly led by their teachers and fellow classmates. We will then proceed to our classrooms for a casual, exciting writing experience. Each day, the teachers will rotate to a class to teach a lesson in writing inspired by literature. Then the teacher will announce the “prompt of the day” and students will write. Students will be completely immersed in writing throughout the week. They will attend regularly scheduled Specials in the morning, but there will be no math, science, social studies, or reading workshop. The only homework students will have is completing polished, final drafts.

To go along with the fun spirit of the week, we have designated a theme for each day’s attire (Please see below) In addition, students may bring sleeping bags, etc. Campers may bring their morning snacks as usual, but they will have a secret “camp snack” in the afternoon provided by parent volunteers.

We are looking forward to a fun week of writing in fourth grade! Let’s GO “4” IT! 

We will celebrate each day of fabulous writing in spirit attire:

Monday- “Team Up for Writing”

*Wear your favorite team shirt or jersey

Tuesday-“Camp to the Top!”

*Wear your camo gear

Wednesday- “Hats Off to Writing”

*Wear a hat or headband of your choice

Thursday- “Warm-Up with Writing”

*Wear a warm-up suit or your favorite comfy clothes (no PJs)

Friday- “Flannel Friday”

*Wear your favorite flannel shirt or camping gear