Week 29: March 27-31

See below the many great things happening in TAG.
2nd grade:
Math:  Measurement with the metric system: length, capacity, mass
Explorations:  Students continued their research for their curiosity expedition. 
3rd grade:
Math:  Reading and making graphical displays: Frequency tables and dot plots 
Explorations: This week in our toys unit, students analyzed the data they collected from the toy surveys they created for their peers. They will use this data to help them determine the best toy or game to invent for that age group.
4th grade:
Math: Interpreting Data: stem and leaf plots 
Explorations: Students presented their research on the different types of robots: industrial robots, domestic robots, entertainment robots, medical robots, military robots, hobby & competition robots, and space robots. 
Looking forward to another great week in TAG!