Week 28: March 20-24

See below the many great things happening in TAG.
2nd grade:
Math:  Measurement with the customary system: length, capacity, weight
Explorations:  Students continued their research for their curiosity expedition. We also took a brain break and completed a STEM challenge: Build the tallest free-standing structure using only aluminum foil and tape. The winner was able to make a 3 foot structure! 
3rd grade:
Math:  Metric system of measurement: length/distance, capacity, and mass
Explorations: This week in our toys unit, students presented their decade toy research project.The toys included rock-a-stack, Chatty Cathy,  Magic 8 ball, Viewmaster, and Stretch Armstrong.
Then they created surveys that will be given to other Armstrong third graders to help them determine the best toy or game to invent for that age group.
4th grade:
Math: Interpreting Data: frequency tables, dot plots, bar graphs
Explorations: Students continued to research the different types of robots. Then they sketched their own unique robot. They had to clearly label the robot and explain its purpose. There were some pretty creative ideas!
Good luck to the 4th graders taking the writing STAAR test next week!