Week 27: March 6-10

See below the many great things happening in TAG.
2nd grade:
Math:  Telling time review and elapsed time with number lines
Explorations:  Students continued their research for their curiosity expedition
3rd grade:
Math:  Customary system of measurement: length/distance, capacity, and weight
Explorations: This week in our toys unit, students chose a decade and a toy that they did not know much about. They researched the toy and learned about it's use and popularity during that time period. The toys included rock-a-stack, Chatty Cathy,  Magic 8 ball, Viewmaster, and Stretch Armstrong.
4th grade:
Math: Students worked on a mini project called "Coordinate City" where they designed a city on a coordinate grid. 
Explorations: Great entertainment was provided as we watched the edited enigma newscasts. We have some talented actors and actresses in TAG! Then students continued their research on the different types of robots.
I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Spring Break!