Week 22: January 30- February 3

See below the many great things happening in TAG.
2nd grade:
Math:  Geometry unit: Polygons and Solid Figures
Explorations:  Students presented their inventions and infomercials at the Invention Showcase in the TAG classroom. They had such clever ideas! 
3rd grade:
Math:  Geometry unit continued: angles, types of quadrilaterals and triangles
Explorations: We started the Toys unit which will last until the end of the school year. This week we discussed the definition of a toy, brainstormed a list of toys, and started writing a short essay about our favorite toy. 
4th grade:
Math: Continued geometry unit: volume, perimeter and area
Explorations: Enigma newscast filming is complete! After Mrs. Brooks kindly edits the videos, we will have a viewing party! 
This week we started the Robotics unit. We had a fabulous conversation about how the human brain and a computer are alike and different.