Week 10: Oct. 24-28

We have had a great couple of weeks in TAG! Greg Tang's math night was a success. The kids came back to school on Wednesday saying they had a great time playing the math games. I was happy to see almost all of my TAG students there! 
This Friday, 2nd-4th grade TAG math entered Greg Tang's Halloween math challenge. Students will bring home the challenge game board with the parent note attached. The challenge is optional, however, I'd like to see them complete most of it. It is due back in class Wednesday, November 2.
2nd grade:
Math: Continued addition and subtraction strategies with whole numbers 
Explorations: Students learned about simple machines and even built and tested their own simple machines made out of materials in the classroom.
3rd grade:
Math:  Multiplication strategies with whole numbers
Explorations: Students have begun researching their heart topic of choice for our upcoming heart fair. More details to come later.
4th grade:
Math: Multiplication strategies with decimals
Explorations: Students prepared for a mock trial we will have in class next week on whether the engima called the Chupacabra exists or not.