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Recent Posts

Week 11: October 31- November 4

We had another wonderful week in TAG. It's hard to believe it's already November. 
Congratulations to the students who completed the Greg Tang Halloween math challenge. Almost 100% of the TAG students completed the challenge! Way to go! 
Here's what we did in class this week:
2nd grade:
Math: Review of subtraction with 3 digit numbers, and started our multiplication unit 
Explorations: Students further investigated simple machines
3rd grade:
Math:  Continued multiplication strategies with whole numbers
Explorations: Students continued researching their heart topic of choice for our upcoming heart fair. More details to come later.
4th grade:
Math: Division with decimals
Explorations: Judge Mr. Pinson visited our class to hear the case of the Chupacabra's existence. Students practiced their presentation skills as well as their ability to persuade others.

Week 10: Oct. 24-28

We have had a great couple of weeks in TAG! Greg Tang's math night was a success. The kids came back to school on Wednesday saying they had a great time playing the math games. I was happy to see almost all of my TAG students there! 
This Friday, 2nd-4th grade TAG math entered Greg Tang's Halloween math challenge. Students will bring home the challenge game board with the parent note attached. The challenge is optional, however, I'd like to see them complete most of it. It is due back in class Wednesday, November 2.
2nd grade:
Math: Continued addition and subtraction strategies with whole numbers 
Explorations: Students learned about simple machines and even built and tested their own simple machines made out of materials in the classroom.
3rd grade:
Math:  Multiplication strategies with whole numbers
Explorations: Students have begun researching their heart topic of choice for our upcoming heart fair. More details to come later.
4th grade:
Math: Multiplication strategies with decimals
Explorations: Students prepared for a mock trial we will have in class next week on whether the engima called the Chupacabra exists or not.

Week 8: Oct. 11-14

Another great week in TAG/Explorations! Read below to see what we did in class:
2nd grade:
Math: Continued addition and subtraction strategies with whole numbers 
Explorations: HOLIDAY
3rd grade:
Math:  Continued practice with addition and subtraction strategies with decimals
Explorations: Students finished writing and recording their creative songs and poems to help them remember how blood flows through the heart and body.
4th grade:
Math: Continued multi-digit division strategies and practice 
Explorations: We continued presenting our enigma research projects. 
Congratulations to all of the TAG students who participated in the Invention Convention! I am impressed by their original and innovative thinking.
Armstrong's Family Math Night is coming up! Mark your calendars for Tuesday, October 25 at 6:30 pm.

Week 7: Oct. 3-7

Read about this week's investigations in TAG and Explorations:
2nd grade:
Math: Addition and subtraction strategies with whole numbers 
Explorations: We had a successful egg drop at the playground! Thank you parents for coming out to show your support! 
3rd grade:
Math:  Addition and subtraction strategies with whole numbers and decimals
Explorations: This week we discussed the human body's circulatory system. Students are busy writing creative songs or poems to help them remember how blood flows through the heart and body.
4th grade:
Math: Multi-digit division strategies and practice 
Explorations: We started presenting our enigma research projects. We have had fun posting our theories of each enigma in google classroom! To name a few, what are your theories on Big Foot, the Loch Ness monster, or the Bermuda Triangle??

Week 6: Sept. 26-30

We've had a busy and successful couple of weeks in TAG/Explorations! Here's what we have been working on:
2nd grade:
Math: Addition properties and strategies
Explorations: We've continued our discussion of creative thinking and then designed a contraption for our upcoming egg drop!
3rd grade:
Math: Estimating Sums and Differences; addition properties
Explorations: Last week we had a guest speaker come to our class to demonstrate how to find our heart rate, blood pressure, perform CPR, and use a stethoscope. It was a great hands-on lesson! This week we participated  in different physical activities to find our heart rate.
4th grade:
Math: Multi-digit multiplication strategies and practice 
Explorations: We've continued researching the enigmas we are most curious about. Next week we will present our findings!  

Week 4: Sept 12-16

We had a great week in class sharpening our problem solving skills in math and exploring the intricacies of our curiosities in explorations. Here's a breakdown of what we did in class:
2nd grade:
Math: Who doesn't like to play with money!? We reviewed the values of coins and bills and manipulated different combinations of money given a certain amount.
Explorations: We discussed creative thinking and then given a limited amount of materials invented something. 
3rd grade:
Math: We reviewed rounding whole numbers and then started our unit on decimal numbers.
Explorations: We continued our healthy heart unit by looking at hands-on diagrams of the human heart.
4th grade:
Math: We continued our unit on decimal numbers; estimating sums and differences and calculating actual sums and differences.
Explorations: We began researching the enigmas we are most curious about.

Week 3: Sept. 5-9

TAG and Exploration classes are off to a great start this year! The students walk in each day with an abundance of enthusiasm, eager to hear what they will learn for the day. Here's what we have been working on in class so far:
2nd grade:
Math: Number sense, daily problem solving, and place value
Explorations: What does it mean to explore? What are characteristics of an explorer?
3rd grade:
Math: Number sense, daily problem solving, and place value
Explorations: We brainstormed everything we knew about the human heart, and then reflected on our curiosities of the heart. Students also studied a diagram of the heart, learning the parts of the heart, and how our blood flows through it.
4th grade:
Math: Number sense, daily problem solving, and place value
Explorations: We explored the various mysteries of the world, called enigmas. Students will focus on an enigma they are particularly curious about and will carry out a scientific research project.

Math Journal
We had a great first day in TAG math classes! We went over TAG classroom routines and procedures. Students also took charge of their classroom environment by developing a clear set of expectations which will be addressed in the student-designed TAG classroom contract.
Homework for 2nd-4th grade TAG math students is to decorate the cover of their math journal with pictures, stickers, clippings, etc of things that inspire them mathematically, or things they connect to math learning. (See example above.)