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Here is a glimpse of the work we've been doing on our 3D Playground Project. Students are working in collaborative groups while setting daily goals, creating blueprints of their playground, building 3-dimensional shapes, developing a detailed plan of their project, and presenting their project to the class. I've witnessed great teamwork, meaningful conversations, and an abundance of creativity! 
This week in reading, we started our Book Clubs! This bend in our reading unit focuses on students making plans and setting goals. A skill that is useful in reading and in life! 
Our previous bends in this unit include:
  • Making Your Reading More Fluent
  • Understanding Literary Language
  • Keeping Track of Longer Books
Students are now reflecting on specific goals they would like to work on. They join the Book Club based on their goal. I witnessed meaningful conversations this week. Students read to each other out loud to practice reading more smoothly, students discussed literary language in a variety of mentor texts, and students made plans to keep track of the story line in longer books. 
Great things are happening in 2nd grade!
Earlier this week, we wrapped up our Fairy Tale Writing Unit. Students had so much prior knowledge about this topic, and their creativity and imagination were spot on! During our publishing party, students were asked to quietly move around the room and read student work. Our class is big on giving each other compliments, so we decided to do the same for this party! After reading someone's work, students were asked to leave that person a meaningful compliment about their writing. I witnessed students being very thoughtful and specific with their compliments. We truly enjoyed this unit! It was a blast! Our published fairy tale books are now part of our classroom library. 
To end our Fairy Tale Unit, our class conducted a Reader's Theater! It was so much fun seeing everyone use their best tone and expression while acting. We may have some future actors and actresses in my classroom!
Second Grade had the opportunity to meet and listen to David Adler last week. He was very engaging and taught many important lessons about the writing process. He specifically talked about the importance of putting words down on paper. Having words on paper allows the writer to go back and "play" with his/her words to make them better and eventually great! This was a great reminder about revising and editing for 2nd Grade. 
I wanted to share a little about a math activity that we frequently do in class called Scoot! This activity is quite popular in our classroom since it allows students to work around the room. Today, students were able to practice their 3-digit addition with regrouping skills. It was a fun way to review our math skills, check for mastery, and get kids moving!
I wanted to share what we've been working on during math. We have started our addition with regrouping unit and the kids are having so much fun with it! We've been using an interactive notebook with pockets and flaps to practice 2 Digit Addition. We are moving onto 3 Digit and 4 Digit Addition in the upcoming weeks. 
Today we had our publishing party for nonfiction writing. Students were given their booklets that were bound to resemble real books. Students also wrote compliments to each other about what they did well in their writing. Now these books are in our classroom library!!
Yesterday we did a fun, hands-on activity during math. Each student was asked to create a design using pattern blocks. We had a class discussion about the different shapes used. Afterwards, students created a bar graph showing how many of each type of shape that they used in their design. Ask your child about which shape they used the most!
What a wonderful day at the Perot Museum! Thank you to all of the volunteers that helped chaperone. We had a great time learning!
We loved having Kristi Yamaguchi at Armstrong! Students were able to listen to her read and get autographed books. 
Here is a picture of my inventors right after they were interviewed about their inventions. They were so excited to show off their hard work!
A new activity for word work--students can use magnet letters to spell their words on their lockers! 
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