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Week 35

Upcoming Events:

Week of May 15th, Career Week

Wed, May 17th, 7:15am PAWS Meeting

Wed, May 24th, 8:30am 4th Grade Recognition program

Fri, May 26th, Field Day


What a great week! We enjoyed a pizza party for box tops, thanks to Mrs. Anderson for organizing it!  We learned a little bit about table manners this week from The Prestons. We enjoyed a fun game of kickball with other 4th grade classes, so all in all a great week!

Math: After completing our STAAR test, we have jumped right into BizWorld. The class has been divided up into four different companies that will be producing bracelets to sell to the second graders. Each student has a job that they have applied for whether it be CEO, VP of Finance, VP of Design, VP of Manufacturing, or VP of Marketing. They have come up with a business plan and a pitch to ask the Venture Capitalists to buy stock in their company. They are quickly realizing the necessity of capital when starting up a company! We will continue to work on this project next week.

Writing: We has been continuing their work on their poems this week and have started their Ode to Armstrong. It has been wonderful to see Armstrong through their eyes and I hope you enjoy these odes when they are presented on the last week of school.

Reading: We have been using our own books to study characters.

Science: We have continued learning about light energy in addition to exploring magnetism. 

Social Studies: The class has been continuing to study about the cattle drives of Texas.

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 33

Hi Parents!
What a great week of learning and review! I truly feel that your students are ready for testing next week. We have reviewed this week and students are showing so much growth! I am so proud of each of them. I know that they will be prepared to share their knowledge! Please remember that Monday and Tuesday are our state testing days. Monday will be math and Tuesday will be reading! Please make sure your students eat a healthy breakfast and get a good night of rest. I hope each of you and your families have a great weekend!
~Mrs. Pierce

Week 32

Hi Parents!

Students have really worked hard this week, preparing for the end of the year.

Math: Our 4th grade has been on an Amazing Race this week in math! Each student has been placed on a team and each day they have been focusing on a different math topic, completing questions and puzzles, before going to their final destination for the day! We will finish this fun activity up next week and will be focusing on areas of improvement after that.

Writing: With April being National Poetry Month, we have continued writing poetry this week. The class composed 'I Am' poems about a book character of their choosing. They have also learned about the importance of form and how to recognize patterns within poetry.

Reading: We have been finishing up our folktale unit and been taking time to learn and understand what it really means to read closely.

Social Studies: We have been discussing the Indian Wars in Texas and the Texas cattledrive. We will continue this next week.

Science: Continuing their light study, the class performed experiments to determine how light reflects off of mirrors. 

Just some upcoming reminders:

  1. STAAR math test is on May 8th and Reading is on May 9th.
  2. Please remember to sign up for career week online using the PTA website.
  3. We will walk to MIS on May 2nd for our transition meeting. We will be back by 12-lunch times will remain the same.
  4. PAWS meeting May 17th
  5. May 24th- 4th grade Recognition Program begins at 8:30
  6. May 26th Last day of school-Early dismissal at 1pm. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 31

Thanks for a wonderful week! I hope your students enjoyed the carnival on Friday! They were so eager for our day to end. Thanks to Mrs. Mattei and Mrs. Baird for helping our with our field trip. They students really enjoyed it. 
Math: We have finished our financial literacy unit. We’ve talked about revenue, profit, savings, and expenses. We will dig deeper in the next week. We were fortunate to have Vista Bank come out and share with our students what it means to save, invest, and use their money wisely. They even gave each child MONEY to start saving. 
Reading: We just finished The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  What a fantastic book full of love, compassion, loss, and life lessons. We will continue working with folktales in the coming weeks. 
Writing: We have started writing poetry and understanding the deeper meanings of our poems. As April is national poetry month, we hope to bring out the inner poets that rest in all of us. Share some poetry at home with your child and discuss the themes and figurative language that make the poems strong.
Social Studies: Students have finished the battles of Texas and we are now moving on to New Challenges for Texas.
 Science: Students worked on sources of light and how light travels.

Week 29

Hi Parents!

We have had a full week! Please remember to encourage your child to read for the Read-a-thon. I have told them that when they read in class, I will be happy to sign off for them! I have noticed many fidget spinners arriving at school this week. I know the craze about them as Kemper received one as well. Please know that I have told the students if they are becoming distracted because they are paying more attention to the spinners then what that needs to be done, I will ask them to put them on my desk and they may retrieve them at the end of they day. Please know if it is continuous, I will take it up and send it home. Also if your student is making homemade slime, please have them not bring it to school. I know that some students may be allergic to the ingredients after playing with it. Thanks for your understanding!

Math: Students took a test over Perimeter and Area today. Some students are still having difficulties knowing which they need to find. We will continue to work on this. Next week we will dive into stem and leaf, dot plots. They will organize data they collect into these two methods.

Reading: This week, we finished our Read aloud How to Steal a Dog! Your students could not get enough of it. I know they all enjoyed it! We will begin a new read aloud next week! Please have your students to continue to read in the evenings. I have let them know that they will need to turn in 5 reader’s responses before the end of the 9 weeks period. This simply means that they will need to complete 5 chapter books and write a response over them. They will have a sheet on Monday that they can keep up with and know how many that they have due.

Writing: Writing STAAR is finished!!! I really felt that your writers were well prepared! Please know you will receive those scores sometime in June. This week in writing your students have begun to write poetry. We have discussed figurative language and what make a poem a nice read! They are currently working on their poems in their Google Drive, please have them share what they have done so far.

Science: In Science lab students worked on density and buoyancy by making and explaining how a Cartesian diver works!

Social Studies: We have been discussing the Annexation of Texas and the Mexican American War, we will finish up with the Treaty of Hidalgo next week.

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Pierce

Week 27

Good Afternoon Parents!
Your students worked really hard this week on putting finishing touches on their writing from Writing Camp. I know they can't wait to share with you at Open House, when we return from Spring Break. In reading, students finished our Historical Fiction unit. They have written a reader's response over our read aloud, Esperanza Rising. In math they have finished the unit on measurement. We will begin discussing perimeter and area when we return. I hope each of you and your familes has a fun and relaxing Spring Break! Enjoy!!!
~Mrs. Pierce

Week 25

Writing Camp

Dear Parents,

What an amazing week we have had here at Armstrong’s Adventures Writing Camp!

Your students have grown so much as writers this week. I hope that each night when you read their new story that you just got excited about wondering what new techniques that they used for that day’s writing. I can see the growth from the students and it truly warms my heart they that are taking the strategies and applying them to their writing and trying new ideas. We will continue to work on the three pieces of writing and take them to a polished piece. Once they have finished, I will send them home so that you all can read them. Thanks again for all the help with the snacks and making this a truly great week for our students. Have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 23

Hi Parents!

Thank you so much last week for the wonderful birthday celebration! I loved celebrating with your kiddos! They are truly an amazing group of students! Thank you for getting in all the Penny Projects in. They students truly did a wonderful job of all their events. I hope it was a learning experience for both of you! Today we began to share with the class and next week, we will do a gallery walk and they will give feedback to each other on their projects.

Math: Students took a Geometry test this week and did quite well. I know that some really struggled with trying to find exact angles. We started our Measurement unit this week, so hopefully they will be ready to help you out in the kitchen with their skills of knowing units of measurement. We will continue this next week.

Reading: This week, we have continued diving deeper into our historical fiction unit. Most of your students finished their second book club book. They have had some really great conversations about their books. They have really thought about themes and events that really prove their theme for their book. We started a class read aloud of Esperanza Rising. This is one of my favorite books to read aloud. Your students each have their own copy to follow along with, thanks to PTA. They are really enjoying it so far and have started to make connections with it and see similarities in our last book Number the Stars.

Writing: This week as we focused on our Literary Essay unit, the students took their characters and turned their essays more towards theme. They used their first book club read to do this with. We will finish up literary essay next week and moved back into Expository.

Science: In Science lab students worked with stream tables to show erosion. They really enjoyed learning about weathering, erosion, and deposition.

Social Studies: We finished up Missions this week and will start Colonization next week.

Thanks! Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Pierce

Week 21

Hi Parents!
This week has wonderful and filled with lots of new information. We have finished up our Pie book and had the treat of having the epilogue read to the class by the author, Sarah Weeks. She kindly recorded the end of the book to share with Armstrong students. Please remember that their will be a final celebration Monday after school. If you entered the pie contest, the pies should be taken to the gym on Monday morning at 7:45.
Upcoming Events:

Mon, Jan 30th, Pie Contest, participants drop off their pies in the gym before school, join us for a pie social on the lawn after school

Wed, Feb 1st, School Counselor Day

Wed, Feb 1st, 6:30pm PEC Program with Dr. Leonard Sax on Fostering Resilience, at HPUMC

Mon, Jan 30th-Feb 3rd, Kindness Week

This week in...

Math: We finished up our fractions unit and have started geometry. The class has been identifying different types of lines as well as learning all about angles. We will continue our inquiry on angles next week.

Reading: This week, we have continued diving deeper into our historical fiction unit. Most of the book clubs have finished their first book and they will be choosing what book they want to begin reading next week. While reading Number the Stars as a class, they have been identifying theme and understanding the importance that small objects can have while reading. 

Writing: This week as we focus on our literary essay unit, the class has been discovering how to incorporate meaningful quotes, micro-stories, and lists into their writing. Yesterday, the class took some time to dive into a literary essay and notice how to better use the strategies that we are learning in the classroom. We will be continuing to work on these skills next week.

Science: The class continued to explore rocks and minerals this week.

Social Studies: We have been learning about missions, their purpose, and what life in the missions looked like.

*Please remember that Penny Book projects are due next Friday, February 3rd.



Mrs. Pierce

Week 20

Hi Parents!

We've had another great week of learning.  Please remember to look through your child's communication folder and clear all the graded papers out.

Math: Students have really worked hard on fractions for the past two weeks, we will review and test over them next week. We will begin our unit of Geometry next week, focusing on different types of angles and lines.

Writing: Students began writing literary essays this week. This is a more difficult type of writing, but I want to expose students to this type of writing. They began by reading a book with a strong character, then they are telling what they think about the character by using examples and mini stories from their books.

Reading: Students are really loving their book club books. I have seen really great conversation and deep thinking happening between your students. They are really enjoying this unit of study. We are reading Number the Stars as our read aloud. We will continue to study historical fiction.

Science: Students learned about the use of minerals.

Social Studies: Students will learn about Missions next week, due to a short week, we made our focus on Penny books.

Penny Project: This project is due February 3rd. Thanks to the Herrings, I was able to show your students some finished products of what a Penny Book should look like. Please know that your student can bind it however they wish, I spoke to them in great detail about their pictures and how it should look. Please let me know if you have questions. Your students are working hard here at school, I hope they continue working hard at home to finish up. Each of them has shared their project with me on Google, so I am able to see their progress!

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 19


*Pie reading: I hope you are enjoying our One Book One School reading
*Penny Project due on Feb. 3rd.  Please be sure it is bound and has a cover sheet on the front with the child's name, Penny Project 2017, 4th Grade, Mrs. Pierce.  By now, you child should have 7 world events completed with the time given in class.  
*Science Fair plan sheet is due next Wednesday, January 25th. Keep in mind that the science fair is mandatory for 4th graders.  
We finished part 1 or our fractions unit and will move into adding, subtracting and decomposing fractions next week.  Students also worked on problem-solving skills. 
Students have started reading and composing Literary Essay this week.  We will continue this work for the next several weeks. 
I'm sure you've heard the buzz about book clubs.  Students are super excited about their historical fiction book clubs and have nightly reading and note taking.  They get about 30 mins a day to read in class and then have discussions with their groups.  Ask students about what type of trouble is brewing in their books? What do they know about the setting? Characters? They are in love with their books!
Students worked on testing minerals.  We will do a science experiment next week to show students how a science fair project/investigation is completed. 
Social Studies:
Students will begin work with Texas Missions next week. 
Hope you and your students enjoyed your time off today!

Week 16

Hi Parents!

We've had another great week of learning.  Thanks to the Herring family for supporting our school and winning the Teacher of the Day auction. Miss Herring was an excellent teacher and the students had so much fun with her teaching today! Please remember to look through your child's communication folder and clear all the graded papers out.

Math: We have finished our division unit. We will continue to work on long division, as I know this is a hard concept for 4th graders. We began working with equality and input/output tables. We will continue this next week as well.

Writing: Students have been working on their drafts for their favorite time of year.  We will dig into revising and editing our work next week.  This is the longest part of the writing process and students will have tools to help them revise and edit their work.  

Reading: As nonfiction readers, students understand how to figure out the structure of their reading. They know that once you figure out the structure (chronological, cause and effect, problem/solution, compare and contrast) of the text, it's easy to understand and take notes.  Students have started their research project on a certain weather subtopic. 

Science: Students learned the phases of the moon. 

Social Studies: Students are learning about explorers of Texas and what made them come to the new land. 

Penny Project: Students had a lesson on research and citing information.  We will work on world events next week in class, 2 of them. Please have your child work on the personal events at home on their Google Drive.  Students should finish the first 4 years of both events by next week.  I will check with them to see where they are on Thursday. 

Friday, December 16th:

  1. Schedule

Class Party from 11:1511:45 

Clean-up from 11:45-12:00

Recess 12:00-12:20

Lunch 12:20-12:50

Pack up clean up 12:50-1:00

Dismissal 1:00 (EARLY Release Day)

  1. Please send a wrapped book- please see the email from today from our room parents!

Have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 15


Hi Parents!

Hope you all had a wonderful break! Your students had a full week here at school! They came back refreshed and ready! I hope you all received my email about Spelling Bee, let me know if you have questions!

In math this week we continued with dividing 3 and 4 digits by 1 digit. Students really seem to be catching on and understanding the process of long division. Please continue to work on math facts at home.

In writing this week, students turned their essays into persuasive essays. They truly are starting to understand the writing process. Today they began to publish their essay into Google docs.

In reading we are still reading nonfiction. Students are really becoming experts at what text structure they are reading. We also work on summarizing nonfiction this week as well. Next week we will begin our nonfiction research unit. 

In science, students learned about the process of the water cycle. We have finished Native Americans and are moving onto Explorers in Social Studies.

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs Pierce


Week 14

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! Wishing each of you and your families a wonderful holiday break!

Here are a few important dates we have coming up in the last three weeks of school!

Thusday, Dec 1st: 9:20am 4th Grade Geography Bee preliminary round

Week of Dec 5th Inclusive Schools Week

Week of Dec 5th PAWS Sock Tree

Tuesday, Dec 6th: 11:00am Principal’s Brown Bag Lunch, discussing Online Safety with Chad Pinson

Thursday, Dec 8th: 9:20am 4th Grade Geography Bee final round

Wednesday, December 14th: 7:15am PAWS Meeting in cafeteria

Friday, December 16th: 11:15-11:45 Holiday party in Mrs. Pierce’s room (more details to come)

In the last two weeks we have wrapped up a lot of learning! Multiplication, our first expository essay, and our Native American projects. When we return after Thanksgiving, we will continue with division in math, start a new expository essay in writing, and begin studying explorers in Texas for social studies. We will have a busy three weeks before winter break!! I’m looking forward to a fun December!

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 12

Hello parents,

I hope you all had a great week.  There are so many wonderful things going on at Armstrong!  Thanks for all your support towards the many initiatives. I sent bags with the students today explaining the canned food drive for next week. I know that Mrs. Herring also sent an email earlier this week.

Math: This week we wrapped up 2 digit by 2 digit multiplication. Your students are progressing very well. Multiplication will be revisited many times throughout the year. Students did an amazing job of showing me and their classmates what they already know about division by using an authentic division problem.  Please be sure your child continues to practice their math facts each night, multiplication and division. 

Writing: Students have worked on writing their essays and fine tuning them. Students also looked at exemplar essays and wrote writing goals for themselves. I really love the way of how they are tackling their writing and being responsible for it. We will soon take our essays and turn those into opinions. 

Reading: As we tackle nonfiction text, it is important to understand that in order to learn from nonfiction, we first make connections with prior knowledge, then we preview the text, and as we start reading we understand the text structure which helps us understand what we are reading. Nonfiction reading in class is not the "sit in the dentist office and flip through a magazine" type reading, but it is reading to learn. Students began to notice the different structures within their nonfiction books and began taking notes on them as well.

Social Studies: Students will finish their Native American projects next week and present them to the class.

Science: Students dissected owl pellets to see what the owl had for dinner this week in the science lab. They will create a skeleton of the different animals that the owl ate, using bones found in the pellets.  

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce