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Welcome to 4th grade!
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Week 3

Hello Parents,

I hope each of you is doing well. We have had another great week with so much learning.  Thank you for continuing to guide your children in their homework and reading each night.  

Lots going on at Armstrong! Mark your calendars,

  1. Invention Convention kicked off this week.  Please ask your child for paperwork.  This is a great way to show some critical thinking towards solving an everyday problem. 
  2. Picture Day is Tuesday 9/19 at 9:00 am.  Forms were sent home today in their communication folder.  
  3. First whole group PAWS meeting is Wednesday 9/20 in the cafeteria at 7:15
  4. Friday, September 22nd is an early release at 1pm.  We will meet you right after lunch at regular pick-up. 
  5. Book Fair starts on September 25th

Writing: We are still collecting our seed stories and writing a few each week.

Math: We continue to work on decimals and place value. We will finish our unit for place value and take our unit test next week.  We will also begin addition and subtraction with 4, 5, and 6 digit numbers next week.  This will include numbers in the millions place and students will continue to carry, borrow and subtract over zeros.  We really want them to understand what the value of each digit is. 

Reading: We are growing as readers and building our reading lives.  Students have a novel and a backup book ready for next week.  Students have started reading with a purpose and are questioning and connecting as they read.  Our class read aloud, Tiger Rising, is a hit and students are truly engaged in the reading. Continue logging reading each night.

Science: This week in science we discussed seed dispersal. Next week, we will talk about the ecosystem and how seeds are affected when they travel. We were excited to go to the garden this week.

Social Studies: We continue to learn about each region of Texas.

Things to Remember:

Friday folders come back Monday (empty them out please and initial) 

Have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 2

Thanks you for coming to curriculum night last night. I am so sorry my voice was almost gone, but we made it through. If you have any questions I have uploaded my presentation to my website and you can access it.
We had a great week of learning here in room 218!
In math, we are continuing with place value. Next week we will look at decimals within place value! Please continue to have your students practice their multiplication facts at home.
In reading and writing , we are still establishing routines and our wonderful classroom library will open next week. Please make sure that when your student logs their reading that they are reading the same book at home that they are reading at school. I will continue to have them read outside of class for 20 minutes at night. It will soon go up to 30. Please make sure your child is reading outside of class.
In social studies, students will continue to learn about the regions of Texas. They will do more work with the regions this coming week.
In Science lab they discussed the magnetism of the compass.
Students took home their yellow commuincation folders today, please sign and return them on Monday. All the papers are yours to keep at home!
Looking ahead......

Monday, September 11, 7:15am Cub Scouts Community Heroes Ceremony at Armstrong Flagpole

Monday, September 11, Invention Convention kickoff

Tuesday, September 19, Picture Day

Tuesday, September 19, 11:30am Principal’s Brown Bag Lunch, “They Don’t Teach the Way I Learned Anymore: How to Help Your Kids with Schoolwork”

Wednesday, September 20, 7:15am PAWS Meeting

Friday, September 22, 1:00pm Student Early Release, Teacher Professional Development


Also if you did not sign up for a parent conference last night, I will send you an email with the times I have available. It will be Wednesday, September 27th.

Thanks for all that you do to help your child! Have a wonderful weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce

Week 1

 We have had a great start to the year! The students are eager to learn and that is always a sign of success.  Here is a glimpse into our first days. 

Social Studies: 4th graders are responsible to understand the history of Texas.  We will start next week with focusing on the land that makes up Texas.  We will continue exploring Texas and dig deeper into the regions that make up our Lone Star State.

Science: Students customized their Science Interactive Notebook and learned safety procedures for the lab.

Math: We are discussing place value and the value of each digit in a number.  Students should know the value of numbers into the hundred billions place.  They will write numbers in standard, expanded, and written form.  We will begin ordering numbers next week.  Please ensure that your child practices their math facts each night.   

Reading: Students are on their way towards building a reading life.  From sharing their favorite books, to discussing how to select just right books, they are prepared for a year in which their reading resolutions will help navigate their choices in literature.  Students should log their reading on their log and keep track of the books and minutes they've read.  Please ensure that students log their reading each night as that is documentation that guides our small group conversations. 

Writing: Writing is a really important piece of our curriculum in fourth grade.  This week, we took some time to collect seed stories that will later turn into published work.  Next week we will generate ideas that we could look back to when selecting a writing topic. Students also dipped their toes into writing their first piece. 

Spelling: Next week, students will take an inventory test in order to receive a customized list that is on their level.  Each child will have their own list to ensure they feel successful.  These customized lists will be passed out later next week and students will work with them for a couple of weeks until they are ready to move forwards.  Words Their Way is an amazing program that makes spelling purposeful. Remember, we do all of our spelling assignments in our spelling spiral which is located in their binder. 


Yellow Communication Folder:

1.  School information will be sent via email or could be found on our website.

2.  The Communication Folder will have a couple of items that must remain in the folder.  The Class Contract and the Behavior Log all need to remain in the folder. Please sign the folder each Friday and return on Monday.  They did not go home this week, so please don't fret if your student does not have them.

3.  Anything in the pockets will need to stay home. 


I look forward to Thursday,September 7th as we visit about curriculum night.  I will host two sessions. 

Session One 5:00-6:00

Session Two 6:00-7:00

You only need to attend one of my sessions.

Our parent conference meeting is on Sept.27th.  I'll have a sign up sheet during Curriculum Night. This will be a time where we can discuss individual student needs and concerns.

Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions you may have. 

Have a great weekend!

~Mrs. Pierce