Good Afternoon!
We are off to another busy start to a short week! I hope you enjoyed an extra day with your student yesterday!
There is a lot going on in the next few weeks:
  • Science Fair sign ups and information:  The students will be receiving more details about this when they go to Science Lab tomorrow.  This is not a requirement for third grade.  This is completely optional.
  • 21 Day Challenge:  This is a healthy snack 21 day challenge.  This kids received information about this during P.E. and will be able to tell you about it.  I suggest going to the website, it has a lot of information.
  • One School, One Book:  The book that we are reading this year is ,”Pie.”  See bookmark for required nightly reading. This family reading can count toward their nightly reading requirement.  Don’t forget to remind your child to log their time in their reading log.
Wax Museum:
The Wax Museum will feature heroes and how they shaped the role of their communities, the state, and the nation. Your student will be working in class to research their character and will have plenty of time to work on their project. They can however, prepare any clothing or props desired for the day of the Wax Museum. Don’t feel the need to purchase costumes, creativity will get you a long way.
The student will have a rehearsal (without costumes and props, just giving their speeches) on Thursday, February 2nd. We are inviting our study buddies to be our audiences. You are welcome to join your student on Friday, February 3rd to experience the Wax Museum. Mrs. Thompson and Ms. Brunner’s class will be presenting from 2:00-2:20 and Mrs. Pitts, Ms. Giesen and Ms. Underwood’s classes will be presenting from 2:30-2:50. The Museum will take place in the small gym.
Dates to make note of:
Thursday, January 19th- Armstrong Spelling Bee at 3:30
Friday, January 27th-  Early Release Day
Week of January 30th- Kindness Week
Friday, February 3rd- Wax Museum 2:30-2:50 in the small gym
Tuesday, February 14th-3rd grade Class Valentine Parties 9:30-10ish
Thursday, February 23 at 1:05 3rd grade Music Program for (first and fourth grade)
Friday, February 24 at 8:15 (for Kindergarten & second grade)
Parents are welcome to come to either Thursday or Friday performance if they can’t make it on the 27th.
Monday, February 27 -3dr grade Music Program at 8:30, right after PTA meeting
Monday, February 20th- Student Holiday
All my thanks,