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Avid readers don't just read, but rather, react to their reading, feeling feelings alongside their characters! This week we are focusing on using precise language to describe our characters feelings. Our characters are not just 'happy' or 'sad', but can be 'cheerful', 'annoyed' or 'confused'. Take a peek at our reactions above!
Over the next few weeks we will be exploring animals during science! As part of the Kindergarten TEKS, we will learn how to use physical characteristics (body coverings, size, color, number of limbs) to describe and sort animals. Over the next few weeks, we will choose one animal to learn more about, discovering facts about their habitat, the way in which they get their food and water, and how they survive in their environments.
Avid Readers at work! In our new unit, we will explore the readerly habits of avid readers, readers who cannot bear to stop reading!
A Valentine's math treat! On Valentine's Day we graphed the candy in our sweetheart boxes. Sorting colors, counting groups, and graphing our data in tally graphs, bar graphs and pictographs...then we enjoyed a sweet treat!
Our kindergartners are loving being back in the garden! A packed hour working hard to clean out and replant new seeds!
Over the next few weeks we will begin to gather and chart data on different kinds of graphs. Students will generate survey questions, ask their classmates, and use bar graphs, pictographs and tally graphs to show their data. Of course, our biggest question, "What pokemon do you like?!"
Today marked the start of our land form study. As part of our Texas State Standards, Kindergarten learns all about the types of land forms that we see in the world around us. Today we created a word wall of specific areas of land. Tomorrow, we will discuss bodies of water!
A proud class of our school pie winner! We so enjoyed One Book, One School and our pie celebration!