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Week 3 Reflection

Thank you for taking time to attend my curriculum meetings. I enjoyed visiting with each of you and know we are going to have a great year together! Please let me know if you would like to volunteer or know someone who has a career pertaining to our Explorations Units.   


4th grade math- Unit 1 Place Value and Decimals, Estimate Decimal sums and Decimals, Add and Subtract decimals through the thousandths, Scholastic Math testing

3rd Grade math- Unit 1- Place Value, Using Money to Understand Decimals, Decimal Place Value, Fractions and Decimals, Scholastic Math Testing

2nd Grade math-  Unit 1-  Numeration, Rounding on the Number line, Writing to Explain problem solving, Determining Odd and Even Numbers, Scholastic Math Testing

4th grade Explorations- Enigmas- Research groups- finalized Enigma groups based off of research, partners shared research through google docs, Introduction to Big Foot

3rd grade Explorations- The Heart-Heart wondering and questioning on google docs, reviewed big ideas, research online and inside books, Heart Triva. diagram parts & functions,

2nd grade Explorations- Inventions- Researched  inventions, reviewed 4 stages of creativity, “Pop! The invention of the Bubble Gum”, school supply/problem & invention in the MakerSpace

Week 1 & 2 Reflection


We are off to a GREAT start in Tag and Explorations, and we are working diligently to create a community of learners in our classroom!

This week will be jam packed with fun and learning as well.

Please join me for our TAG Curriculum afternoon this week from 12:30-1:00 in our classroom- Room 209! 2nd grade is Monday, 3rd grade is Wednesday, and 4th grade is Thursday.

4th grade math- Unit 1-Place Value and Decimals: Algebra Properties, Thousandths, Place Value of Decimals, Compare and Order Decimals, Rounding Decimals, Pre-assessment  

3rd Grade math- Unit 1- Place value: Numbers through one Billion, Place Value Relationships, Comparing and Ordering Whole Numbers, Rounding Whole Numbers, Writing to Explain, Pre-assessment

2nd Grade math-  Unit 1- Numeration, Representing Numbers, Ways to Name Numbers, Greater Numbers, Place Value Relationships, Comparing Numbers, Ordering Numbers, Rounding on the Number line, Pre-assessment


4th grade Explorations- Enigmas- definition of enigmas, characteristics, Marfia Lights in Texas with the scientific method, discussed/picked the enigma each student desired to study

3rd grade Explorations- The Heart- the WHY of knowing about the heart, heart book exploration and questioning, parts of a heart, basic facts, heart model and labeling 

2nd grade Explorations- Inventions- characteristics of creativity/ explorations, explored invention books, discovery vs invention, Innovative idea vs innovative invention, inventive band aid activity
Welcome to TAG!  This year is going to be filled with learning experiences that will keep students engaged, challenged, & enthusiastic about learning.  I am looking forward to a fabulous year working together with all families. The partnership between home and school is essential for student success, so please feel free to stop by our classroom any time or contact me via e-mail or by phone.  I hope you all are as excited as I am to begin the 2017-2018 school year!