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 We are going to have a fabulous year!

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Open for Business!
The students had a wonderful time buying and selling their products at our economics fair! They learned about market research, advertising, adding and subtracting money, budgeting, teamwork, and much more through our economics unit. Enjoy a few pictures from the day!
It's production day for our Economics project! The students are hard at work in their shops producing goods and services to sell. Students in our class are making bracelets, light sabers, bookmarks, puppets, and much more! We will set up shop and sell our products on Friday!
The students are ecstatic about the Economics Project we are preparing for in Social Studies. Students will be divided into groups of ‘coworkers’ and will ‘rent’ a space in our classroom to create a product out of craft supplies, such as popsicle sticks, yarn, buttons, beads, and construction paper. Students will create a business plan and make a product or develop a service to sell. In past years, groups have made picture frames, bookmarks, friendship bracelets, games to play and much more. Each student will receive one dollar on a pretend ‘debit card’. They will use this money to buy the supplies they need from our classroom store to make their products. Students will have the opportunity to sell their products and buy products from other groups. 
In these pictures, students are creating Google Forms in order to complete market research on another second grade class of students.
Our class set specific goals to be respectful, responsible, and focused in class this week. The students earned a reward for their awesome work! We enjoyed reading on our playground this morning. The students had a wonderful time. Way to go!
To celebrate the end of our nonfiction writing unit, we had an Expert Fair on Friday! There are many reasons we celebrate the ends of our writing units. The most important reason is to provide an authentic audience for the students' writing. They know that it serves an important purpose as they teach others about their topics. Secondly, it helps to encourage students to make their way through the writing process. The students know that there is a definite end date. Finally, we want it to be fun! It's important that students enjoy writing. The more students enjoy writing, the more writing they will do! Enjoy a few pictures as we prepared for our fair!
It was so much fun learning in Alice's Garden this afternoon! Students learned how beneficial bugs can be for a garden. They also made potpourri bags out of lavender grown in our garden!
We are deep into our measurement unit in math workshop! This week, students learned about measuring length using the metric system. Students used centimeters and meters to measure objects around the room. Students even created their own centimeter measuring tool! 
The students continued their study of nonfiction texts this week! We researched biographies of various famous people. Students created mini books about the people they studied and compared/contrasted them using Venn diagrams.
Students are hard at work on their nonfiction expert books. Students are writing about a variety of topics such as animals, video games, historical events, sports, and more. We are working to revise our pieces to make a big impact this week!
Our silkworms and Painted Lady Butterfly caterpillars are here! The students will enjoy watching them grow and change over the next few weeks.
Students are loving our measurement unit! So far, we have covered reading an analog clock and finding the area of objects. Now, we are beginnning to measure length. Before using standard units of measurement, such as inches, feet, centimeters, and yards, we are measuring with nonstandard tools. Students learn important measuring skills, such as lining up their measuring tool to the edge of the object they are measuring. Today, students used tiles and cubes to measure objects around the room. They took pictures of their work and created PicCollages! 
In reading workshop this week, students are engaged in nonfiction texts! Students are reading about topics of interest to them, such as animals, cars, sports and technology. At the end of our reading workshop time, students are joining book club discusions about their chosen topic. These students are discussing what they learned while reading about animals!
We are learning how to tell time this week in math! In second grade, students learn how to read analog and digital clocks to the minute. Enjoy a few pictures of students hard at work during math workshop today!