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 We are going to have a fabulous year!

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In reading workshop this week, students are engaged in nonfiction texts! Students are reading about topics of interest to them, such as animals, cars, sports and technology. At the end of our reading workshop time, students are joining book club discusions about their chosen topic. These students are discussing what they learned while reading about animals!
We are learning how to tell time this week in math! In second grade, students learn how to read analog and digital clocks to the minute. Enjoy a few pictures of students hard at work during math workshop today!
We just started our STEAM geometry projects this week! The students are thrilled to be designing a playground for our school using 3D shapes to represent different playscapes. Later this week, they will use toothpicks and Play doh to create models of their playgrounds! Enjoy a few pictures of students planning their designs in class.
The students had a wonderful time making Texas salt dough maps today! The students have learned a lot about the landforms, jobs, and natural resources of the various Texas regions. We can't wait to share them with our parents and grandfriends this week!
Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! Thank you to all the dads that have read to our class this week! 
The students had a wonderful time building bridges during Science Lab today. They were learning about combining materials and describing the physical properties of matter. Enjoy a few pictures of students working hard in the lab!
We had the opportunity to visit Alice's Garden this afternoon. The students worked hard transplanting crops, watering, and tilling the soil. Thank you to our master gardeners and parent volunteers for making it such a fun activity for our students!
Fourth grade just finished up their writing camp! Our study buddies shared some of their wonderful writing with us. We also had a chance to share our published poems with our buddies.
The students enjoyed a wonderful Valentine's Day party this week! THANK YOU to all of the parents that planned a fun party for our class! 
In writing workshop this week, students are studying and writing poetry. We are looking at the world around us through a poet’s eyes. By choosing meaningful topics, adding powerful language and studying the structure of poetry, we are learning to see with poet’s eyes.
Our class had a wonderful time creating trading cards of various landforms, such as mountains, plains, volcanoes and plateaus. During science class, students have researched about these landforms. They used the information they collected to create trading cards with pictures and facts. Today, students enjoyed trading them with their classmates!

Subtraction with Regrouping

In math, we are starting our unit on subtraction with regrouping. We are using manipulatives (base ten blocks) so that students really understand why and how to regroup. When solving the problem 72 – 38, students are learning to regroup a ten and exchange it for ten ones in order to solve. According to our standards, students are asked to subtract numbers up to 999 in second grade.
We are fortunate to have our counselor, Mr. Ray, visit our classroom each month for a guidance lesson. This month, his lesson revolved around Kindness Week. He discussed giving compliments, showing empathy, and including others. You can visit his Counselor's Corner page on the Armstrong website with the highlights of each month's lessons. 
We are wrapping up our unit on Fairy tales, Fantasy, Folktales, and Fables. This week, students "played" with their writing by adding figurative language to their pieces. They enjoyed including idioms, similies, hyperboles, and homophones to their fantasy pieces!
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