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Welcome to our class! Read on to see what we are learning this week.

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This morning we had a fun treat! Some police officers who are participating in the Special Olympics ran by Armstrong. We were able to high five them to wish them good luck! What a fun surprise!!
What a wonderful performance of "Magical Me"!! Here are a few pictures of our great kindergartners! They were magical.
For the last 2 weeks we have been busy reading and writing poems! We discovered so many things about poems. Here we are reading our published poems to friends. Ask your child what they know about poems. They are great poets!
Here are a few more pictures of our problem solvers hard at work helping their endangered animal by creating better habitats and sources of food/water. Each group of animals (pandas, polar bears, gorillas, manatees, and tigers) were able to share what they created with our class. The children decided that this was a "thumbs up" project!
These past 2 weeks the children have been researching various endangered animals. They were put into groups to represent 5 animals--polar bears, tigers, pandas, manatees and gorillas. They met with children from the other kindergarten classes to create a proto-type of a habitat that could help their animal. Here are a few pictures of great problem solvers at work! More next week.
We are having fun using non-standard measuring tools! With our buddies we measured how far we can jump, how tall we are in unifix cubes and how long are some sticks in unifix cubes.