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One of the most exciting parts of Kindergarten is learning how to use their words to bring about a change! We thought of a problem, wrote a letter expressing our opinions, and got it ready to send. On Monday, we took a trip to the mailbox on the corner of Abbott and Cornell to send our persuasive letters off to their recipients. 
Shapes are one of the most notable attributes in the world, and Kindergartners are constantly using shapes to define and organize the world around them! When children explore different shapes, they are using one of the most basic educational processes: the observation of same and different. We are spending time with shapes right now building a strong foundation by learning their attributes, correct mathematical terms, and differentiating between 2D and 3D shapes. We are also looking for and finding lots of shapes all around! 
What a fabulous Friday at Armstrong! We donated lots of change for Children's Pet Therapy, saw some famous Americans, watched a fun farmyard program by 3rd graders, and enjoyed a Grammy-winning entertainer in espanol! 
Way back when I first started teaching Kindergarten, we taught and assessed shoe tying in class. While we don't specifically teach that skill now, it is still a necessary skill to have - especially in Kindergarten! We invited Mrs. Kilgore, an OT who visits our campus weekly, to teach us a quick lesson today. She shared some great ideas and got us all started on the path to joining the "shoe tying club!" Now all they need is lots of PRACTICE! I also asked if she could share any tips that I could pass along to parents. There are lots of great videos on YouTube that you can use with your kiddos. She also said to make it multi-sensory - tell a story that they associate with each step. Another suggestion is to have them repeatedly practice each step before going on to the next one. I hope all of this helps! Can't wait to see all of those tied shoelaces walking through the doors of Room 111!
Today we learned how to use a simple digital tool, the camera app, to create a way to share our stories. Each student was able to video and interview a partner and to be interviewed as well. We will be exploring more ways to incorporate this valuable tool as we continue to grow as readers, writers, mathematicians and scientists!
The new year is off to a great start! We are learning to read harder books, exploring new apps, making new friends, learning how to subtract - and even playing in the first snow of the school year! Happy 2017 from Mrs. Crump's kinders!
What a great week we have had together! Learning how to include others, even friends who are new or who learn differently, is an important part of being a Kindergartner. As part of Inclusive Schools Week, we learned that we are "more alike than different!" 
We are Super Readers! For the past few weeks, we have been learning strategies (or super powers) to help us read. Here are the powers that are launching a classroom full of super readers!
Even though we may still be learning how to write our names, it's never too early to learn how to be a good citizen! Along with the rest of the country, we've been learning about the election process and what it means to vote. We staged a mock election today, and everyone participated in the voting process - choosing a ballot, marking it, turning it in, and getting the "I voted!" sticker. It was fun to hear some of their political thoughts....many of them were more insightful than what I've been hearing on radio and tv the last few months! It was a close vote, but Donald Trump was the winner in our classroom with 7 votes, Hillary Clinton was close behind with 5 votes, and Gary Johnson came in third place with 3 votes. It will certainly be interesting to see how our class voted compared to the rest of America!
Our book character parade was a huge success! Everyone loved seeing familiar characters from Wizard of Oz, Harry Potter, Star Wars and more! 
From the bus ride to the picnic by the lake to the farm animals and pumpkins, we had a wonderful day at Green Meadow Petting Farm! Hope you enjoy seeing a bit of our day!