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Correction! Picture day is TOMORROW--Tuesday, Spetember 19th!! So sorry for the confusion! 

Week 3

Tuesday, Sep 19th, Individual Picture Day

Wednesday, Sep 20th, 7:15am PAWS Meeting in the cafeteria

Friday, Sep 22nd, 1:00pm Student Early Release-Please planning on picking up your students at 1pm!

Math: This week, we continued our work with place value but added in decimal place value as well. As fourth graders, they are responsible for knowing how to write, order, compare, add, and subtract numbers that have a place value to the hundredths place. Next week we will wrap up our first unit in and take a test on Tuesday. We will also begin looking at addition and subtraction of whole numbers next week as well.

Writing: We have been working on getting our ideas for writing down on paper and also practicing our writing fluency by doing quick writes. We are hoping to begin our first personal narrative by next week. 

Reading: This week we have been focusing on reading intensely, reading books that are just right for us, and making movies in our minds. Students should be able to open up to the middle of their novel and read a page without missing more than three words. If they miss more than that then the book is most likely too hard. Also, you should see your child coming home with their novel every night (we are reading realistic fiction novels for now). They should be reading the same book at home that they are reading at school and recording their minutes on their reading log.

Science/Social Studies: In social studies we have started to research the regions of Texas. Ask your child to tell you more about our great state! 

Morning Meetings: Each week on Monday and Friday, our class meets together as a family to greet each other, discuss how we can apply a new rule from Ron Clark’s book The Essential 55 (we talk about a rule from his book on Monday, practice the rule during the week, and share how we applied the rule on Friday), and talk about how we can grow together as a class. Today we shared some ways we applied this week’s rule, “If someone in the class wins a game or does something well, we will congratulate that person.” The students shared stories about how they used this rule at recess, with a sibling, or even in class when someone did well. I love hearing these stories and my hope is they will carry these with them throughout our school year and beyond! We also did an activity today called “Roses and Thorns” where we shared something good about our week and something that they were disappointed in. We had many “roses” about after school activities and a lot of “thorns” about losing our extra recess. (I am happy to report that our good behavior in the cafeteria and in our hallways earned back our extra 10 minutes of recess today!) “Roses and Thorns” is also a great activity to do at home around the dinner table to share about your day or week. I would love to hear if you try it out!  At the end of morning meeting we discussed how we can have a growth mindset. Ask your children about our morning meeting activities! They are a great way to bring our class together as a family and to build respect for one another.

We had a wonderful week of learning and I am looking forward to seeing all of my student’s bright and smiling faces on Monday morning!

Week 2 

This Week in…

Math: We rounded, compared, and ordered numbers and reviewed place value to the billions. We will continue practicing with place value next week as well and add in place value of decimals. Please continue working on multiplication facts at home! We will be moving quickly through reviewing addition and subtraction soon then moving onward and upward to two by one digit multiplication the two by two digit multiplication in the next few weeks!

Writing: We are writing more and more every day! The students have been adding to their “Heart Map” which includes people, places, and significant events in their lives. Each day we add to our heart map then choose a topic to write about from our heart map, share our stories with our ELA partners, then write for about 20 minutes. I have noticed that every time I pause the students in the middle of their writing, they don’t want to stop! It makes my heart happy that they are finding a love for writing! We will continue working on personal narratives.

Reading: We have been looking for just right books and reading intensely to grow ideas. They have focusing on reading as if they are in the book, noting important parts to talk about later on their sticky notes, and doing the work the book is requesting by walking in the shoes of the character. We will continue this work into the next week as well.

The students checked out books today (from the school library) for the first time! For this nine weeks the students are required to read realistic fiction novels so that we can apply our mini-lessons to what we are reading. Students should be reading the same novel at school and at home and also be recording their at home reading minutes on their reading log.

Science/Social Studies: In science, students explored magnetic compasses. In social studies we wrapped up our Texas scavenger hunt.

Yellow Communication Folder: (You will see this come home tonight!)

  1.  School information will be sent via email or could be found on our website.
  2. The Communication Folder will have a couple of items that must remain in the folder.  The Class Contract and the Behavior Log all need to remain in the folder. Please sign the folder each Friday and return on Monday. 
  3. Anything in the pockets will need to stay home. 

Curriculum Night Slide Show

Thank you all so much for coming to curriculum night last night! If you were not able to make it I have attached the Curriculum Night slide show (see link above). Also, I have included the remaining available conference times if you did not get to sign up last night. Please email me the time you would like and I will let you know if that time is still available.

Available Conference Times for Thursday, September 28th. 







Just a few reminders!

1) Monday, September 4th-Labor Day Holiday. No school!

2) Thursday, September 7th is Curriculum Night.  Parents are welcome to come in to my classroom to learn all about fourth grade. There are two times available to you, either 5:00-6:00 or 6:00-7:00.  I look forward to seeing you all on Thursday evening!

Week in Review:

What a wonderful first week of fourth grade! We had a great week reviewing procedures, setting expectations, and getting back into our curriculum.

This week in…

Math: We began reviewing place value to the billions as well as looking at numbers in standard, expanded, and word form. Next week we will continue working on place value review, but begin ordering and comparing numbers. Please have your children work on multiplication facts at home! This is part of their nightly homework as well. The students focused a lot of time on multiplication facts last year, so we don’t spend a lot of our time reviewing these in class. Practicing at home is a great review for students to keep those facts retained.

Writing: Students took a close look at what the difference is between personal narrative and expository writing. We also wrote two of our own narratives and shared them in class today. Writing is a huge part of our everyday life in fourth grade and I cannot wait to see how much of writers grow this year!

Reading: This week we began sharing our beloved book with our classmates. I love finding out what their favorite books are and learning about their connection to the book. Not only does it reveal to me what their interests are as readers, but it also gives me a little glimpse into their personalities. I am looking forward seeing more beloved books next week! Also, you should see your child coming home with their novel every night. They should be reading the same book at home that they are reading at school. Next week we will begin recording our reading minutes on a reading log. More info to come on that!

Science/Social Studies: We had our first science lab on Wednesday. The students decorated their science journals and dove deeper into 4th grade science. In social studies, we began a scavenger hunt through our book and websites about Texas. We are going to learn so much about Texas History this year! It is one of my favorite subjects and I can’t wait to share my love for Texas with the students. 

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend full of relaxation.  See you all on Tuesday!