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Welcome to 4th Grade!!

I hope you enjoy our class this year! To learn more about our wonderful class, keep checking our class webpage regularly to find out what's happening in Mrs. Davis' class!



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Week of March 27-31

Dear Parents,
It was a busy week with Open House and Grandfriends day! The students were so excited to share their great work with their families and friends! They were beaming as they showed their work from throughout this year in all subjects! I'm very proud of this class for their hard work and accomplishments!
Important dates to remember:
Monday, March 27- "Armstrong Reads" readathon begins
Tuesday, March 28- 4th Grade STAAR Writing Test starts right after announcements. Please make sure students are on time, well-rested, and have had a healthy breakfast so they can do their best work! A snack is being provided by the school, but students will need to bring their own water bottle.
Friday, April 7- Walk to School Day
Wednesday, April 12- Class Picture Day
Thursday, April 13- Early Release Day 1:00
Friday, April 14- Student Holiday
Tuesday, April 18- Field Trip (Trinity River Part 2) Davis, Pierce, and Wiley classes (more information to come)
In class this week:
Reading- We have completed our historical fiction unit and have gone back to review informational text. The students have been reading a book about Mummies and are fascinated!
Math- We will conclude our study of area and perimeter this next week.
Writing- Editing and Revising Boot Camp has been our focus this week in preparation for the STAAR Writing Test on Tuesday.
Science- The students learned about volume and water displacement. At the end of the lab, they wrote their own fable to illustrate water displacement. They were great!
Social Studies- Students presented their Famous Texan research information by making a trading card to show their results. We will now be studying about Texas becoming a state.

Week of Feb. 27-March 3

Dear Parents,
We had an exciting week last week in our Armstrong Adventure  Writing Camp! Thanks to the parents who provided our afternoon "surprise" snacks and the tent! The students loved all of these things! We will be continuing to work on these papers next week by looking at different introductions, improving transitions, examining their supporting details, and conclusions. The students will be using a "kid friendly" state rubric to evaluate their own compositions. Beforehand, we will look at some papers that were scored by the state last year on the STAAR Writing Test. This was the same prompt that our students wrote in our STAAR Simulation Test a couple of weeks ago. They will see samples of what the state of Texas considers to be a 1, 2, 3, and 4 composition. Then they will use the state rubric to grade themselves.
Upcoming Events:
Feb. 27- Children's Medical Center donations can be turned in if forgotten last Friday
Feb. 27-March 3- Dr. Seuss Week. Dads, please sign up to read a favorite Dr. Seuss book to the class. (volunteer for a spot on the Armstrong PTA web site)
Feb. 28- Kindergarten Round-Up
March 7- Alice's Garden 2:15
March 8- PAWS Meeting 7:15 a.m.
March 10- Student Holiday (staff professional development)
March 13-17  Spring Break
March 23- Open House 
March 24- Grandfriends Day
                  Report Cards posted 4:00 p.m.
March 28- STAAR Writing Test

Week of February 13-17

Dear Parents,
I was so proud of the class this week when 100% of them presented such excellent Science Fair projects on Thursday! There were so many great ideas displayed in both the individual and group projects...plus the students had fun while learning about the scientific process!
Upcoming Events:
Feb. 14- Valentine's Day party (2:30-3:00). Each student should bring a valentine for each of our 19 students. 
Feb. 15- PAWS meeting (7:15 a.m.)
Feb. 16- 4th Grade Holistic Scoring District Meeting (Mrs. Gill will be subbing for me)
Feb. 17- Spring Service Project kicks off
Feb. 20- Student Holiday
Feb. 21-24 Fourth Grade Writing Camp (information to come). We will need a tent for the classroom for that week (big enough for 4-6) as part of our "camp" theme. Please let me know if you have one we can use!
Reading- We are into our new read-aloud/classroom book club, Esperanza Rising. The students are enjoying this novel that takes place during the Great Depression. Since each student has his/her own copy of the novel (provided by our PTA), they are able to make annotations, underline, and highlight important information as we are reading together. They are excited that they can mark in their book just like college kids do! 
Math- We have started our unit on Measurement. We will be studying both the Customary and the Metric systems of measurement.
Writing- We will do a simulation of the STAAR Writing test Monday. Students will be writing to an expository prompt, and taking a mini-multiple choice portion of revising and editing. 
Science- weathering and erosion has been the focus this week.
Social Studies- Texas Revolution
I hope you will have a wonderful weekend with your family and enjoy the fabulous weather we're having! I sure will be doing the same and rooting for the SMU basketball team in their BIG game against Cincinnati on Sunday! My husband and I will be at that sell-out game cheering them on!

Week of February 6-10

Dear Parents,
It has been a very busy week in class! Our Penny Book Project concluded on Friday, Feb. 3. All the students finished and will be sharing their Penny Books in the next week. I can't wait to hear about all their lives and what they discovered was happening in the world each year!
Upcoming events:
Feb. 6- 4th Grade HP Arts program (during Specials)
Feb. 6-10- Valenkinds for sale during lunch times
Feb. 7- Alice's Garden is back! (Every other week)
Feb. 9- Science Fair Projects- Deliver to small gym before 7:50 a.m.
             Science Fair Projects on display    (6:00-7:00 p.m.)  
Feb. 14- Valentine's Day party (2:30-3:00) 
Feb. 15- PAWS meeting (7:15 a.m.)
Feb. 20- Student Holiday
Feb. 21-24 Fourth Grade Writing Camp (information to come)
Math- We will conclude our study of Geometry this week and move on to Measurement.
Reading- We concluded our read-aloud Number the Stars. What a wonderful Historical Fiction novel that was! The students absolutely loved  hearing and discussing this book every day! They would always beg for more! We will now move on to Esperanza Rising, another excellent Historical Fiction book set during the Great Depression. For this book, each student will have their own copy for our Class Book Club. 
Writing- Our focus will be on writing literary essays focused on the Historical Fiction book each student is reading.
Science- The students studied about erosion in Science Lab.
Social Studies- We are finishing our study of the colonization of Texas and will move on to the Texas Revolution.

Week of January 23-27

Dear Parents,
We have been working hard and having another great week of learning! Here is what's happening in class.
Math- We have been working on fractions for the past two weeks. We will wrap up that unit of study and start our next unit on Geometry. We will  begin with studying lines and types of angles.
Reading- The students have enjoyed our new genre of Historical Fiction literature! Our read-aloud book is Number the Stars, and the class is loving it! Ask your student about it. It is a great read about an important time in history. In addition to that, the students have been working in book clubs on an historical fiction novel. They are digging deep into their novels and having good discussions each day.
Writing- Students will be focusing on writing literary essays in response to the books they are reading. Also, we have been working on the Penny Book project (world events portion). The Penny Book project is due on Feb. 3, so please make sure your student is just about finished with his/her personal events portion for each year since birth. Remember that the book must be bound in some manner.
Social Studies- We will be studying about the colonization of Texas next week.
Reading Homework- Please remember that all students are expected to read for a minimum of 30 minutes each night, and log their reading on their reading log (in their binder). They should log their minutes of reading PIE and, also, their historical fiction novel from the library. That means they have two entries per night until PIE is completed.They should make note of the page number started and stopped, plus the number of minutes read. I would like parents to initial each night to verify that this reading did take place. Please remember that this is part of their report card grade that says "Reads independently for sustained periods of time and produces evidence."
Important Dates:
Jan. 25- Science Fair entry form due
Jan. 27- Early Release day (1:00)
Jan. 30-Feb. 3- Kindness Week
Feb. 3- Penny Book Project due
Feb. 14- Valentine's Day party 
Feb. 20- Student Holiday
Feb. 21-24 Fourth Grade Writing Camp (information to come)

Week of January 9-13, 2017

Dear Parents,
Welcome back for the beginning of our 3rd 9-weeks term! Boy the year is flying by! We have many exciting things happening over the next few weeks:
Mon., Jan. 9- Armstrong's "One School, One Book" kicks off
Mon., Jan. 16- Student and Teacher Holiday
Wed., Jan. 18- PAWS Meeting 7:15 a.m.
Thurs., Jan. 19- Armstrong Spelling Bee (3rd and 4th grade class winners)
                           Finals 3:30 p.m. in Auditorium
Fri., Feb. 3- Penny Book Project due
Thurs., Feb. 9- Science Fair 6 p.m. 
Math- We started our Fractions unit this week. Students explored equivalent fractions and practiced simplifying fractions to lowest terms. We will continue now with comparing fractions, adding and subtracting fractions (with like denominators), and working with improper fractions and mixed numbers.
Reading- We are finishing our  nonfiction unit of study. The students have completed their "extreme weather" research and presentations. It has been very interesting to hear all that was learned about Tornadoes, Hurricanes, Blizzards, and Tsunamis! Our focus will now be on the genre of Historical Fiction. Students will be reading and logging their historical fiction novels each night for their homework of 30 minutes of reading (Mon.-Thurs.) Please help your student to remember to log their minutes each day. It's very important that they do this!
Writing- The students worked on an expository composition about a place they enjoy spending time. We also worked on their Penny Book Project. Please remember students should be working on their l personal events at home. We will continue working on the world event entries at school.
Social Studies- Our study of the European Explorers in Texas has concluded. Students will present their projects this week. They had their choice of several options: a map of their explorer's travels; a postcard with a message home; a diary with at least five entries; a pop-up poster; a cartoon strip of the travels. We will now begin the study of Texas Missions.
Science- Soil types and permeability were studied in Science Lab. Also, our Armstrong Science Fair kicked off Friday. This year for 4th graders, the science fair is mandatory. For 3rd graders it is still optional. The information about the Science Fair was sent home in the yellow Friday folder. Please make sure you keep this information in a safe spot at home. This project is completed at home, so all the guidelines should be kept there, too.

Week of Dec. 12-16

Dear Parents,

Between "Inclusive Schools Week", starting our research projects, wrapping up our division unit, and diving into another expository essay, this week has been full of exciting learning! Please remember that our Holiday Party is Friday from 11:15-11:45. *Please send a wrapped book (gender neutral) with your student for our book exchange.* I'd like students to bring this on Thursday to be sure that all students in the class have a book to share at our party on Friday.

Dates to Remember:

Wed., Dec. 14th, 7:15am PAWS Meeting

Fri., Dec. 16th, 11:15-11:45 Class party

                        11:45-12:10 Clean up/Pack up

                         12:10- 12:25 Recess

                          12:30-1:00 Lunch

                          1:00 Dismissal for Holiday Break

                          4:00 Report Cards available on Skyward

Tues., Jan. 3, 2017 Classes Resume

*****************************************************************************************Class Curriculum:

Math- We have concluded our study of division. Students still need to continue practicing their Multiplication and Division facts, however.

Our next topic of study is about Number Patterns and Equations.

Writing- We have written our next expository piece of writing about the student's favorite time of the year. We will be working on how to make improvements to our first draft.

Reading- As I stated last week in my post, some students may need to catch up on their reading homework requirement. Their nightly logging of minutes lets me calculate the report card grade for "reading independently with proof." The 4th grade expectation for independent reading over 9 weeks boils down to this:

960 minutes- 3

640 minutes- 2  

320 minutes- 1

Please continue to expect that your student is reading every night for at least 30 minutes (for the entire year), as this is a part of their report card expectations.

Science- The students studied about the phases of the moon last week. After Science Lab each week, the students are to respond to Mrs. Webb's Science Google Classroom assignment. This is completed in class.

Social Studies- We are working on  our study of European explorers of Texas. Students are researching their explorer and will choose one of four options for a project when they have completed their research.

Penny Book Project- We have kicked off our major project that is due on February 3. This will be worked on at home (personal events) and at school (world events). The students will have a great time seeing what was going on in the world during the years they have been growing up!

Thank you,


Week of December 5-9

Dear Parents,

Here are some important dates for the next two weeks:

Week of Dec 5th, PAWS Sock Tree- Please consider donating new socks and tights!

Tues, Dec 6th, 11:00am Principal’s Brown Bag Lunch for Parents on "Online Safety"

Thurs, Dec 8th, 9:20am 4th Grade Geography Bee Finals- Amy, Catherine, Sydney will be representing our class!

Wed, Dec 14th, 7:15am PAWS Meeting

Fri, Dec 16th, 11:15-11:45 Class party; 1:00pm Student Early Dismissal. Room moms will be contacting you shortly about the details!

Class Curriculum:

Math- We will be concluding our study of division this week. Students still need to be practicing their Multiplication facts, since multiplication is the inverse operation of division. The students who are fluent with their multiplication facts are having an easy time switching over to our study of Division!

Writing- We have written our next expository piece of writing about the student's favorite time of the year. We will be working on how to make improvements to our first draft.

Reading- We have one more week in the second 9-weeks term! As I have been looking over the students' nightly reading logs that tell me about their daily homework of 30 minutes of independent reading, I am alarmed at seeing students who are not doing their logging nightly!  Logging of minutes  gives me their report card grade for "reading independently with proof." The expectation for independent reading over 9 weeks boils down to this:

960 minutes- 3

640 minutes- 2

320 minutes- 1

Please continue to expect that your student is reading every night for 30 minutes (for the entire year), as this is a part of their report card expectations.

Social Studies- We have started our study of European explorers of Texas.

Penny Book Project- We have kicked off our major project that is due on February 3. This will be worked on at home (personal events) and at school (world events). The students will have a great time seeing what was going on in the world during the years they have been growing up!

Thank you,


Weeks of Nov. 21- Dec. 3

Dear Parents,
I can't believe the year is passing by so quickly! The holiday season is upon us!
Last week, the fourth grade students were able to watch the 1st grade rehearsal for their performance celebrating the First Thanksgiving! Our students vividly remember participating in this annual program when they were in 1st grade, so some could even recite some of the lines being spoken...but best of all, everyone (teachers included) remembered the "Turkey Tango" with enthusiastic audience participation at the end of the program! This was a great way for us to remember all things for which we should be thankful.
Here are some important dates to remember:
Nov. 23-25-  Thanksgiving Break

Thurs, Dec 1st    9:20 am 4th Grade Geography Bee preliminary round

                                         (Written test in room 212)

Week of Dec 5th   Inclusive Schools Week

Week of Dec 5th  PAWS Sock Tree

Tues, Dec 6th 11:00am Principal’s Brown Bag Lunch, discussing Online Safety with Chad Pinson

Thu, Dec 8th, 9:20 am 4th Grade Geography Bee final round in

                                     Auditorium (oral competition) led by Dr. Moran

Fri, Dec 9th, Teacher of the Day

Dec. 14- PAWS Meeting 7:15 a.m.

Dec. 16- Class Party (11:45-12:15) Parents welcome!

                1:00 Early Dismissal... Happy Holidays!

                Report Cards posted.

Jan. 3- Welcome back! 2nd semester begins!

Curriculum updates-
Math- We are studying the concept of division. 
Writing- Expository writing is our emphasis. The students will be writing a paper this week about something for which they are thankful.
Reading- Different kinds of nonfiction books will be our focus.
Social Studies- We finished our study of Native Americans of Texas and will now move on to study the European explorers who came to Texas.
Science- The students concluded their investigation of owl pellets and reconstructed the skeletons of those animals eaten by their owl. 

Week of Nov. 7-11

Our class had a fabulous field trip on Friday to the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center! We all learned so much about the animals and plants who live there. We used binoculars and saw many different birds who live there (or are just passing through as they migrate). We got so see where two bald eagles have their nest on the property! We also tested the water of the Trinity River to evaluate the quality of the water. It was a day packed with learning and fun! Thanks again to Ms. Watters and Mrs. Borchers for their help on this trip!
Dates to Remember:



NOV. 7- DEC. 16- TAG Testing Referral Window 







Weekly Update:
Math- We are continuing to work on double-digit multiplication this week. It is imperative that students keep practicing their multiplication facts daily so they have instant recall! We will be moving on to long division in another week, and the students will then be expected to work on becoming fluent with their division facts, also. 
Reading- We have started our study of the Nonfiction Genre. The students should be reading these informational books both in class and at home as their nightly 30 minutes of independent reading. Because these books are much shorter than those of our previous focus (realistic fiction), they should be reading many  nonfiction books each week! The students are keeping track of every nonfiction book they have read in their red folder. They also must keep up on their nightly reading log, as before.
Writing- Expository writing continues to be our focus.
Social Studies- Native Americans of Texas project is due this week (Thursday, Nov. 10). The students have had much time to work on this in class, so each group should be ready to present their findings by Thursday.

Week of Oct. 31- Nov. 4

Dear Parents,
We had a great week last week...so many wonderful learning opportunities! The students were able to see Kristi Yamaguchi, Olympic Ice Skating gold medalist, after school in our library reading her newest children's book! Many students and their parents took advantage of our Armstrong Math Night with Greg Tang, math expert and author. Our class visited Alice's Garden and planted fall flowers around the building to make our campus beautiful. Our counselor, Mr. Ray, visited our class for his monthly class guidance lesson that the students enjoyed. In addition to all of that, for students who went through the 1st 9-Week term with a "clean card" (0-1 signatures ) in their yellow Communication Folder, we celebrated  their achievement at a lunch "picnic.". What a busy week!
Report cards were posted on Skyward Friday afternoon.  Please be reminded that we are grading on a continuum, with the end of the year in mind, for most subjects, so you will not be seeing a lot of “3’s” on your child’s report card. Please see the following video that reviews the elementary report cards.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c0NOHvcgW7o&feature=youtu.be
Important Reminder: Our field trip to the John Bunker Sands Wetlands Center will be on Friday Nov. 4. On the day of the field trip, please be sure to send your child to school with a sack lunch (in a 1 gallon plastic bag), PAWS shirt, and rain boots (as we will be getting into the water a little). Thank you to our chaperones, Tillie Borchers and Stefani Watters. Our class will be paired with Mrs. Wiley's class. We will leave at 8:00 and return by 3:00 that day. The students will be learning so much about the importance of our wetlands and the plants and animals who live there. They love this trip!
Weekly Update-
Math- We will continue with multiplication. This week we will move into multiplying 2-digit by 2-digit  numbers. We will continue to use the strategies we learned about partial products, the block method (area model), and the standard algorithm. It is imperative that the students know their multiplication facts fluently! As we build into more complicated math, the students will fall behind if they are unable to recall their facts to solve their math problems. 
Please work on the facts daily (0-12) until your child can instantly  give you the answers.
ELA- Expository Writing and Nonfiction Reading
Social Studies- We continue to work on our Native American of Texas project. All groups should have their dioramas in class this week so they are able to work on them in class. They will by due on November 10.
Science- Vertebrates and Invertebrates. 

Week of October 24-28 (Part 2)

Dear Parents,
Please make note of these important dates:

Oct 24th: Armstrong Auction Online begins. 

Tues, Oct 25th: Alice’s Garden @ 2:15-2:40

Tues, Oct 25th, 3:00-4:15pm:  Kristi Yamaguchi book talk and book signing for parents/students who pre-order by the 24th 

Tues., Oct 25th, 6:30-7:45pm Family Math Night with Greg Tang, Auditorium and Cafeteria (please RSVP on the Armstrong Website!)

Wed, Oct 26th: Individual Picture Retake Day 

Fri, Oct 28th: Report Cards Posted on Skyward

Fri, Oct 28th: 1:00 pm Early Release for Students; Professional Development for Teachers

Fri, Oct 28th:  Armstrong Auction 7:00 p.m.

Fri., Nov. 4     Field Trip- Bunker Sands Wetlands Center (Davis and Wiley                              classes)

Thurs., Nov. 10-  " What I Want to be When I Grow Up" pictures taken

                                10:30-11:00 a.m.

Weekly Update-

Math- We are continuing with our Multiplication unit of study. 

Reading- We will now be focusing on the Nonfiction genre of reading.

Writing- Expository writing will continue this week.

Social Studies- The students are continuing with their Native Americans of                                  Texas study and will be starting to work on their dioramas.                                   The due date will be November 10.

Because of the upcoming presidential election, we will focus on the election the week of Nov.1-4 , putting the Native American project on hold as far as work time in the classroom. We will then resume on Nov. 7-9, with the due date of November 10.

Science- Students studied earthworms last week in the Science Lab. 

Week of October 24-28

Dear Parents,
We had a wonderful field trip last week to the Symphony, the Nasher Museum, and the Crowe Museum. We ended the trip at Klyde Warren Park for a picnic lunch. The weather was perfect! Thank you so much to Wright's mom (Stefani) and Otto's mom (Melanie) for your help with this trip!
Our second field trip is coming up very soon (Friday, November 4th). We will be visiting the John Bunker Sands Wetland Center in Seagoville.  I will need two parent chaperones for that day. We will be there from 9:00 a.m.-1:30 p.m. This is a great trip where the students will be learning about the wetlands and their importance to our environment. The students will be doing things such as  collecting macro-invertebrates from the water, testing water samples, and learning about the variety of animals that live in the wetlands. The 4th graders have loved this experience in the past years!
Please email me if you are able to help with this field trip. As before, I will put all the names in a hat and select two people. Please email me by Thursday, Oct. 27, if you are interested in joining us that day. It's a lot of fun for everyone!
Thanks so much,
Marilyn Davis

Week of October 17-21

Dear Parents,
Please make note of these important dates:
Oct. 17-21- Red Ribbon Week
Red Ribbon Theme Days 
Monday, October 17th RED-OUT! *Wear as much red as you can*

Tuesday, October 18th DON’T LET DRUGS FIND YOU! *Wear camouflage*

Wednesday, October 19th Be BRIGHT, DON’T DO DRUGS! *Wear lots of NEON*

Thursday, October 20th TEAM UP AGAINST DRUGS! *Wear favorite team color/jersey*

Friday, October 21st DREAM BIG ! *Dress as what you want to be when you grow up! *
Student Education: 
4th Grade, October 18th Fourth grade students will attend a presentation by The Brain Lady on the effects of alcohol and drugs on the developing brain.
Wednesday October 19th Students from HPHS Student Council will visit classrooms to encourage students to make good decisions and stay drug free.
Mon., Oct. 17- Founders Day picnic lunch orders due
Wed.,Oct. 19- PAWS Meeting 7:15 a.m.
Thurs.,Oct. 20- Fine Arts Field Trip (9:30-2:00)-Bring lunch in gallon                                                                                            ziploc baggie.
Fri., Oct. 21- Founders Day Picnic
                     Spirit Day (wear green and gold)
Tuesday, Oct. 25- Parent Math Night with Greg Tang @6:30pm
Wed., Oct. 26- Picture Re-take Day (must return first picture)
Fri., Oct 28- Early Release (1:00)
                      Armstrong Auction (7:00 p.m.)
                      Report Cards Posted on Skyward 4:00 p.m.
                     **Armstrong Auction** 
Thurs., Nov. 10- "What I Want to be When I Grow Up" pictures
                             taken 10:30-11:00 a.m.
Weekly Update- 
Math- Our study of multiplication continues. This week we focused on a strategy called "breaking apart." We will be learning additional strategies for multiplication such as "partial products," the "lattice method,"  and the "standard algorithm" for solving multiplication problems.
Writing- Our focus is on expository writing. The topic on which we are starting is "I love ice cream." From that topic, we will explain three different reasons to support that claim. This will be a guide for their own expository paper they soon will be writing.
Reading- Students should continue reading their realistic fiction library books for 30 minutes daily at home. This is the final week of our first 9-week term. The students will be receiving a grade on their report card that states "reads independently for sustained periods of time and produces evidence."It is important that the reading at home is a regular part of each day.
Social Studies- The students are now researching their Texas Native American tribe using their Studies Weekly newspapers, textbook, printed articles, and designated web sites. Students will need to bring a shoe box (or other box about that size) for their diorama project, along with any other materials  they want to display in their scene. They will working with their partners to show a scene from the life of their particular tribe. 
This will be a busy week with a lot of exciting learning! 

Week of October 10-14

Dear Parents,
Friday's Bike Rodeo went on despite the rainy weather. Thank you to all the parents who helped make this day happen for the children! That rain brought us a beautiful, sunny long weekend that I hope you enjoyed with your family. It was perfect state fair weather, that's for sure!
Here are some important dates to remember:
Thurs., Oct. 13- Invention Convention (6:00 p.m.)
Oct. 17-21- Red Ribbon Week
Mon.,Oct. 17- Brain Lady Assembly
Wed.,Oct. 19- PAWS Meeting 7:15 a.m.
Thurs.,Oct. 20- Fine Arts Field Trip (9:30-2:00)
Fri., Oct. 21- Founders Day Picnic
                     Spirit Day (wear green and gold)
Tuesday, Oct. 25- Parent Math Night with Greg Tang @6:30pm
Fri., Oct 28- Early Release (1:00)
                      Armstrong Auction (7:00 p.m.)
                      Report Cards Posted on Skyward
Thurs., Nov. 10- "What I Want to be When I Grow Up" pictures
                             taken 10:30-11:00 a.m.
Weekly Update-
Math- We concluded our unit of Addition and Subtraction, and have moved on the Multiplication. Students should continue to study their multiplication facts daily, whether it be by flashcards, written tests, oral tests, or computer apps. We will be getting into more complex multiplication computation, so unless the students know their facts fluently, this will slow them down as they attempt to solve the math problems.
Writing- We are moving from writing personal narratives to expository writing. The students are learning that "Expository Explains." We practiced this two-part poem that will help the students remember the different elements of expository writing. This week they will be writing their first expository composition.
Reading-  We have been focusing on character traits of the characters in the books the students are reading. Students are seeing that the way the characters act on the outside can be very different from what they are feeling on the inside. Students have been sticky-noting observations as they read in their own realistic fiction books. We have also been analyzing the characters in our read-aloud, Love, Ruby Lavender.
Social Studies- The students presented their google sides on one of the four Texas regions last week, so we brought that unit to an end. We are now moving into one of the favorite 4th grade units about Texas Native Americans. The students will be researching one of the tribes and becoming an expert on that tribe. They will use the information they discover to create a Native Americans of Texas diorama to depict their way of life. More information to come.
Science- The students examined the different types of bird beaks and adaptations. They got to experiment to see why certain beaks help the birds find food in their habitats.
As a reminder, I have an envelope in my room for collecting the Class Contest donations for the Armstrong Auction. Each class in the school is seeking 100% participation in this event. The classes that achieve this mark will get to participate in an ice cream social party(during school hours). If you've been in the front hall of the school, you can see the class tallies and progress. Thank you to those of you who have already contributed. I'm hoping that our class will achieve the 100% mark before the auction!
Thank you for your support,

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