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Welcome to Our Learners for the Future

Welcome to Mrs. Giesen's 
Third Grade Globe Trotters.

I'm looking forward to a fabulous year with your dear children!

 “To risk is to be free.” Harry Wong

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Files: School History

We have been working with other schools through the NGO, iEARN. Our topic was school history.  Other schools responded to us, and the files describe each unique school. 

How are you all? What a rainy evening! Our recess today was playing on the chrome notebooks, nice rainy day to just relax. We did get a lot of work done,
Math Workshop:  skip counting by 0,1,2 and 3,6,9 using a number line, array models, repeated addition, and multiplication
Problem solving skill:  groups, sets, and repeated addition
Number talks:  subtraction using the "adding up" strategy
Reader's Workshop: Tackling hard words, reading narrative nonfiction, biographies, seek to understand ideas in true stories.
Science:  describe what are the affects a lack of resources plays on our environment.
Social Studies:  describing other cultural celebrations and the regions in which they live .
Mentor Sentences:  "Frogs"-- using adjectives to tell what kind and how many.
Words Their Way new list, test on November 18th
Writer"s Workshop: checking facts in our nonfiction writing by quick research, using punctuation in a paragraph, polishing their introductions
We are busy bees!

Week 10 Targets:

We will be buzzing into our third grade curriculum and will be focusing on the following topics this week:

 Math Workshop- Counting Money and applying our knowledge to real world situations

Problem solving skill-   Drawing on Background Knowledge                  

Number Talks- Subtraction using the “Adding Up” Strategy

Reader's Workshop-  Grasping Main Idea and Text Structure

Read Aloud- Frogs

Science- Pollution and how animals adapt

Social Studies- Heroes. Researching people who have made a difference in our world

 Mentor Sentences- “Frogs”  Possessive Nouns

 Words Their Way- New rule and practicing sorting based on our new rule

 Writer's Workshop- Revising our informational writing

 As always, please let me know if you have any concerns and/or questions.  Thank you for all that you do:0)




Week 8 : Happy Fall

Mark your Calendars:

Red Ribbon Week~

Tuesday, October 18, Don’t Let Drugs Find You, Wear Camouflage

Wednesday, October 19, Be Bright, Don’t Do Drugs, Wear Neon

HPHS Student Council will visit classrooms at 8:15

Thursday, October 20, Team Up Against Drugs, Wear Team Color/Jersey

Friday, October 21, Dream Big, Dress Up What You Want to Be When You Grow Up


October 25, 6:30-8:00pm: Greg Tang Math Night.

Click on the following link to sign up https://goo.gl/forms/IpbQSXDsvKuGU3bI3

Wed, Oct 26, Picture Retake Day

October 28th:  Early Release Day; 1:00


Week 8 Targets:

We will be buzzing into our third grade curriculum and will be focusing on the following topics this week:

Math Workshop- Adding and Subtracting whole numbers, Unit 2 and 3 Math Test on Thursday, Money- identifying coins, recognizing value, writing using symbols

 Problem solving skill- Visualizing

Number Talks- Addition: Adding Up in Chunks

Reader's Workshop-  We will be Reading to Learn: by Grasping Main Ideas in Nonfiction Text, Becoming an expert at Nonfiction and teaching others, and Tackling difficult Text.

Read Aloud- “Gorillas”

Science- Explaining adaptations, habitat, survival traits, characteristics, and life span.

Social Studies- Using timelines to describe our community

Mentor Sentences- “Gorillas” Noticing commas as a way to list items in a series.

Words Their Way-  Study word patterns. Next test will be on October 21st.

Writer's Workshop- We will be studying the Art of Information Writing: by Continuing to draft nonfiction pieces, Looking back and setting new goals, Studying mentor text for more elaboration strategies.





Greetings! Some Dates to remember.
This Thursday: 5:30 Invention Convention 
                         6:00 Dr. Moran's Book Talk, library
October 21st:  Founders' Day Picnic
October 25th   6:30 - 8:00 PM Greg Tang Math Night
October 28th Early Release Day  1:00 PM 
Buzzing into this week and next week!
Math Workshop--Subtracting using an expanded algorithm and across zeros
Problem solving skill --Determining Importance
Number Talks--Subtraction using the "adding up"strategy
Reader's Workshop--Grasping Main Idea and Text Structure
Read Aloud--Gorilla  
Science--Adaptation and Energy Transfer
Social Studies--Citizenship and Taking Action for Our Rights
Writer's Workshop--
Organizing  our thoughts for informative writing
Using commas in a series  of three or more
Practice new list for spelling , word sort
Have a great week!
Adding 3 digit numbers,adding 3 or more numbers
Subtracting with expanded algorithm, models for subtracting 3 digit numbers.
timed tests on facts (addition and subtraction)
Continue work on number lines 
Number talks--addition compensation, explain difference in friendly numbers
Social Studies
Studying Susan B. Anthony, Eleanor Roosevelt, Thurgood Marshall
Vertebrate-frogs/sticky tongues
Describe how amphibians are adapted to survive in their habitats
Tricky words, comprehension checks, making sense of figurative language
Revise current piece of writing
Work on endings
Use editing checklists
Hello to all!
I want to let you know what we have been studying this week and will continue.
Adding and subtracting using a number line, strip diagram. Making 10's in order to do mental math and make the numbers easier to work with.
Adding with expanded algorithm.
Making sense of figurative language, use comprehension checks along their reading path. Climbing over hard words by using different strategies.
They share their reading with their reading buddy.
Table manners/ insects
Describe how an isopod is adapted to survive.
Reading and researching Life Science
Writing Workshop
Pronouns, paragraphs, quotation marks, dialogue
Revising their work
It has been a great beginning!
adding (study facts) very important to review math facts every night.
Making predictions, retelling stories, comprehension checks, reading partners, read every night, you will see a lot of growth.
Working with mentor texts to help and encourage writing. Come on Rain and Fox are packed with phrases and beautiful words (a movie in your mind.)
Photosynthesis, new plant discovery
Social Studies:
Discuss the branches of government.
Thank you, Mrs. Giesen
Thanks for coming to Curriculum Night! 
We are ready to begin the third week!
Tuesday, September 6th is Invention Convention Kickoff.
Forms will be available for students.
Math Workshop:
Counting Money, rounding on a number line, Problem solving-writing to explain their strategies. Number talks--making Landmark or Friendly numbers and doubles or near doubles
Mentor sentence from Come on Rain by  Karen Hess. 
phrases, vivid verbs, and rewriting their work like hers.
Social Studies:  
Branches and levels of government
Leaf collection/ leaf facts/ cones and needles,
comparing leaf diversity
Writer's Workshop:
Drawing on a repertoire of strategies, rehearsing storytelling and leads, editing as we go, finding ideas and writing up a storm
Reader's Workshop:
Reading in the company of partners, setting goals and tracking progress, readers check for comprehension
Destination Imagination is a creative solving program and is great for the kid's imagination. Parents are the team managers.
Meeting; September 15 at 6-8 at MIS in the 5/6 assembly room.
Please ask questions if you are interested.
Thanks for a great start. 
Hope you had a wonderful summer! This is a picture of my four year old  grandson with whom I played for the entire month of June in the mountains of Lebanon. He speaks Arabic, French, and English, and  we had lots of conversations in English! He is playing with his cousins in a "make-it" product just like we are making at Armstrong.
I am so excited about the school year! Your children are fantastic!
It has been two wonderful days and all the rest will be the same.
Next pictures will be your dear ones.
Linda Giesen
Happy Summer !!!
Thank you all for working with your children; I do appreciate it and it helps them grow. :)
Over the summer, be sure they read and review their math facts. 
Please continue to have them read out loud.
Thanks once again for your support !!!!! .
Linda Giesen